About this website

On this website I share all my experiences regarding consoles and computer setups. Thereby I give tips about the optimal design of the workstation or gaming setup. I also report about my experiences in the field of computers and accessories.

About me

Here is a picture of my setup.

My name is Phil and I am passionate about gaming!:)

However, the visual appearance of my components has always been just as important to me as the performance of my computer.

Accordingly, I tried at all times to hide all cables as best as possible or to create a more pleasant atmosphere with lighting effects.

In addition, I am also interested in technology. That’s why, for example, I configured and assembled my computer myself.

However, I could only find poor information on some topics on the internet. So I had the idea to create a website myself and to share my collected experiences.

If you like my articles, I would be extremely happy if you could share this website with your friends, relatives, work colleagues, etc…. could share.

This step will only cost you seconds and would support me beyond belief. When I see that my articles are well received, I am even more motivated to publish more content.