Ergonomic mouse - The right
Model for your pain!

The latest trend among input devices are ergonomic mice. The tiny tool on your desk can significantly affect your quality of life.

Using a standard mouse forces you to move your hand in unnatural, uncomfortable, or unhealthy ways. To save your hands, arms and wrists from damage in the long run, it’s time to discover the benefits of ergonomic mice.

This type of computer mice are characterized by the optimal adjustment to the human body. They allow the wrists as well as the shoulder, neck and back to be kept in a natural position while working.

Using ergonomic mice is proven to make you more productive, reduce hand fatigue and prevent illness and pain. As a result, ergonomics contributes to your health and thus to a significantly improved sense of well-being.

In our article I offer you all the information about ergonomic mice. Discover and experience the many advantages of these small tools in the office, everyday life and gaming!

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The many advantages of ergonomic mice!

Clearly ergonomic shape is probably the biggest advantage of an ergonomic mouse, but against what pain exactly or the many other positive arguments are quickly forgotten. I will explain the advantages of this in the following.

Modern design

The design of ergonomic mice artfully adapts to your natural hand size and different ways of moving. The many designs prevent unnatural and harmful movement patterns that are standard with conventional mice. An Ergomouse flatters the human anatomy and supports the hand and wrist in a natural and healthy way.

Individual diversity

The market of ergonomic mice offers a variety of manufacturers and products. This allows everyone to discover the right mouse for their needs. The models differ in different angles of attack, sizes, shapes and colours. The offer ranges from variants for right- or left-handed users to cordless or corded mice.

Comfort and productivity

Ergonomic mice are usually individually designed to fit your hand and make working on the computer much more comfortable. They require less effort to click, move smoothly across the table and scroll with ease.

Ergonomics and comfort in the workplace are among the most important quality features that have been proven to lead to higher productivity. Efficient input devices lead to greater satisfaction in everyday life in the long term and increase motivation at the workplace enormously.

Programmability and technology

In addition to all the external aspects, the Ergomaus is also convincing thanks to its technical features and individuality. Additional, individually programmable buttons allow shortcuts and intuitive button customization. The additional keys support an effective and faster operation.

In addition, ergonomic mice usually have button wheel controls and make scrolling and clicking easier. Even on the subject of sampling rates, these special mice outshine their conventional counterparts. Sensitive sampling rates over 4000 dpi allow precise control on all surfaces.

Prevention and miracle cures for pain and disease

Ergonomic mice are an all-purpose weapon and miracle cure for a variety of ailments and conditions. Thanks to the ergonomics of these mice, pressure on the nerves in the wrist is reduced and tendons and joints are optimally protected.

By choosing an ergonomic mouse early on, you can prevent discomfort before it develops. But even if you already have ailments, this miracle mouse is considered an ideal start to the regeneration process. Switching to a high-quality Ergomouse is worthwhile in order to relieve the strain on muscle groups and nerves, as well as to reduce pain and tension.

To give you an idea of the variety of health effects, I present below the most common diseases that can result from the use of a standard mouse.

For which diseases and ailments you have to switch to an ergonomic mouse!

vertical mouse

Since it is not always clear when it is advisable to buy an ergonomic mouse, you will find below all the ailments and diseases for which the change is guaranteed to pay off.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to overuse or damage to the nerve that runs through our wrist. The hand is a highly complex structure and consists of many bones, tendons, joints, muscles and ligaments. On the lower side of the wrist there is a tunnel through which an important nerve and several tendons run.

Narrowing of this tunnel leads to damage of the nerve. This happens as a result of injuries and swollen tissue caused by mechanical overload.

By choosing an ergonomic mouse, you support the correct position and movement of your wrist. The ergonomics reduce the pressure on the nerve and make mechanical overload in everyday life impossible.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

This disease is mainly manifested by pain in the wrist or forearm. The discomfort can affect other areas of the upper body as it progresses, leading to pain in the fingers, elbows, shoulders and neck.

The cause of RSI is injury from repetitive mechanical strain, which can occur when using standard mice. In German-language literature, Repetitive Strain Injury is also referred to as RSI syndrome, tennis elbow, mouse arm or tendonitis.

Signs of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI):

Different parts of the body affected by RSI symptoms:

All these painful complaints can become chronic if the wrong stress is applied over a long period of time. For this reason, as a preventive measure, as well as at the first signs, it is absolutely recommended to immediately switch to ergonomic mice.

Athrosis prevention

The known forms of osteoarthritis preferentially affect the large joints, such as the hip, knee and ankle joints. However, the most commonly diagnosed form is osteoarthritis of the hand.

Triggered by monotonous activities and an incorrect load, this type of arthrosis results from the permanently incorrect hand position on conventional computer mice. This leads to wear and tear of the joint and in the worst case can result in joint stiffness!

For this reason, the prevention of osteoarthritis is indispensable. Ergonomic optimisation of the workplace and switching to an Ergomouse are the only effective ways of preventing this illness.

The different forms of ergonomic mice

There are a variety of models of ergonomic mice, which form helps best against which pain I show you in the following.

Vertical mouse

This futuristic-looking device doesn’t look like an ordinary mouse at first glance, but it works just as well. The nicely designed mice allow ergonomic vertical or lateral positioning of the hand.

Plus, because of the way it’s built, you’ll be using the stronger muscles in your arms when moving this mouse. Especially in the case of complaints such as carpal tunnel syndrome, you can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to this design.

Trackball mouse

The trackball, i.e. the movable rolling ball, is the elementary component of the input device. To move the mouse pointer, move the trackball instead of the mouse.

As a result, moving the cursor is less strenuous than with the traditional mouse, giving your wrists a much-needed break. They’re a great option if you don’t have enough desk space or work on uneven surfaces.

For gamers, these mice are rather unsuitable, because they have difficulties in the area of speed and precision.

Ergonomic horizontal mouse

It’s possible that a vertical mouse is too big for you or not visually appealing. In this case, it’s worth upgrading to an ergonomic version of the typical horizontal mouse.

This type is similar to the traditional computer mouse and offers minor modifications and ergonomic adjustments. They usually have rubberized grips with textured indentations for the thumb, finger and finger ring. These upgrades make it more ergonomic than a traditional mouse.

Glove Mouse

The glove mouse refers to a specific type of ergonomic mouse. It is the perfect alternative to prevent RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome and to reduce the strain to a minimum. These models, as the name suggests, fit the hand like a glove.

At the same time, it allows the arm to relax its muscles completely and prevents any friction of the hand on the table surface. The discreetly inclined position of the palm in combination with the full-surface support minimizes the strain on the wrist. The squeezing and kinking of blood vessels is effectively prevented and they lead to a healthy, stimulated blood circulation.

Rolling pole mouse

A roller mouse, also known as a roller mouse or roller stick is characterized by its soft pads. The modified mechanics and positioning avoid overloading and reduce malpositioning of the hand.

The mouse pointer can be controlled by scrolling up and down and can also be dragged from left to right. A simple press on the roller is all it takes to make a click.

Pen Mouse

A pen mouse follows the natural writing movement. Their design relieves strain on the wrists, arms and shoulders and provides an overall reduction in stress when working. The pen mouse is a nice, ergonomic alternative to the traditional computer mouse.

Compared to other ergonomic mice, you get used to the device extremely quickly. Holding a pen while writing is usually part of the habit of people.

If the pin is held correctly, the spoke and ulna are not twisted and there is less tension. This subsequently has a positive effect on the shoulder and neck area.

Guide to buying the perfect ergonomic mouse

When buying, there are a variety of criteria to consider to ensure the best experience. To assist you, I present below all the important ergonomic mouse factors to consider when choosing.

1. ergonomics and comfort

The key factor that differentiates an ergonomic mouse from a traditional mouse is the design. When choosing a mouse, look for one that fits comfortably in your hand and supports your wrists. Whether vertical, horizontal or trackball mouse, when it comes to comfort, ergonomic mice offer endless possibilities.

2. sensor resolution and DPI

DPI on a mouse stands for “Dots per Inch” and means something like “dots per inch”. The DPI value indicates the sensitivity of a mouse and its sensors. In simple terms, the DPI value determines the ratio of real to virtual mouse movement.

A low value leads to faster response times, while a high value leads to improved precision. It is not possible to make a blanket statement about which DPI number is the best, as this differs depending on the requirements.

In particular, it is recommended to buy a mouse that provides the right settings for each application. These are usually mice that allow you to customize the DPI for the activity at hand.

3. size

For a good comfort and the perfect ergonomics you should definitely pay attention to the size. If you have smaller hands, stay away from the larger trackball mice. Conversely, if you have large hands, you should avoid using a small mouse.

For the perfect measurements, the fingertips should reach the edge of the mouse while the palm rests relaxed on the mouse. The movement should not be limited to your wrist, but should be done with your forearm and arm.

4. buttons and individual keys

In the past, the average mouse had only left and right click buttons. Thankfully those days are gone and now we have mice with lots of buttons and lots of options. The selection of different keys to perform various functions makes your work easier, especially thanks to programmable keys.

Whether for gaming or in the office, an ergo mouse saves you time and effort. With it, wrong movements and long-term pain are a thing of the past.

5. wireless or wired

Wireless mice are second to none when it comes to convenience. They usually use Bluetooth, infrared or frequency technology to connect to your devices. The wireless version can be conveniently placed anywhere and allows ultimate freedom.

The big disadvantage is the need to charge or replace batteries, whereas a wired mouse is always ready to go. Especially in the gaming sector, inexpensive wireless models are criticized for connection interruptions, a spongy response or noticeable delays. However, high-quality, more expensive models have eradicated these weaknesses and offer the same quality as wired mice.

The most relevant difference between wireless and wired mice these days is the price. The wireless input devices are usually more expensive than wired variants with the same performance.

6. left- or right-handedness

Being left-handed in our right-handed world is a challenge. From scissors to controllers, you may have trouble using “normal” items. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with a computer mouse.

Fortunately, there are special mice that offer optimal comfort and ease of use for left-handed users. For ambidextrous people, there are also mice that have been specially developed for ambidextrous use.

7. lifetime of batteries and accumulator

There are few things more annoying than having to charge your battery in the middle of a busy workday. A battery life of 250 hours of normal use is typical of high-quality ergonomic mice with power-saving features.

In addition, there are mice that run on replaceable batteries. These are less environmentally friendly, but are more suitable in urgent situations, thanks to easier replacement.

8. cost and price

The price of a mouse starts at a few euros and ranges up to several hundred euros. Ergonomic mice are in no way much more expensive than the normal computer mouse. Entry-level models are extremely budget-friendly and offer ergonomic adjustments and structured recesses.

One thing’s for sure: it’s not worth sacrificing the health of your wrist for a cheap, uncomfortable mouse. Ergonomic mice are worth the investment. A more comfortable mouse makes for a better workday, increased productivity and less post-work soreness.

Acclimatization time of ergonomic mice

One thing is certain, switching to an Ergomouse requires a bit of a learning curve, but it’s worth the effort. You should usually allow a settling-in period of one to two weeks for normal use.

The phase of habituation differs, of course, depending on the model of the mouse and on individual learning ability.
It should be noted that learning success can vary greatly especially in gaming. Especially in demanding, responsive games where hand-eye coordination and muscle memory are important, it can take longer to get used to the game.

Whether it’s aiming in shooters like CS:GO or using the additional programmable keys that are relevant for building in Fortnite, for example, depending on the area of use, the familiarization phase is prolonged. This change will be worth it in the long run.

Playfully, the use of ergonomic mice offers no disadvantage. The comfortable handling will be a relief for your wrists and forearms. While others shake their hands or put them down for a moment after excessive gaming, you’ll be able to stay focused on the game for the long haul.

Below you will learn everything important regarding ergonomic mice in gaming.

Gaming with ergonomic mice

If you’re a gamer, you know how important the whole package is. It is not enough to have a console or a computer without the appropriate additional equipment. Buying the perfect accessories is like completing a puzzle, with each piece having its own benefits and ultimately leading to excellent playing skills.

An essential accessory for many is a vertical gaming mouse, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional gamer. In the following, I provide insight into the world of e-sports and show why ergonomic mice are a revolution in electronic sports.

Gaming as a casual and hobby gamer

When you spend all day in online matches, you notice how it strains your wrists and fingers. This constant strain often leads to physical problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Many games require a high number of clicks per minute and repetitive motions for precise mouse control. An ergomouse is indispensable in order to be able to perform these tasks over a long period of time without any complaints. In addition, vertical mice offer an extravagant look and cool designs for LAN parties and gaming events.

Whether clicking in Dota or during energy-sapping aim training in Counter Strike – an ergonomic mouse becomes an absolute must-have for every gamer over a long period of time.

Competitive gaming and e-sports

The right equipment inevitably leads to higher self-esteem and confidence in one’s own abilities. This fact alone leads to an increase in performance and can make the difference between victory and defeat. 

Millions of euros in prize money can now be won in e-sports, making this sector more attractive than ever. In order to reach the high level of the top players, one thing is needed above all else, iron-hard training on mouse and keyboard. This high workload often leads to sore wrists or aching nerves as a result. Carpal tunnel syndrome is responsible for the end of many careers in e-sports.

Fabian “Sheepy” Mallant, known as co-founder and head coach of the Unicorns of Love, ROCCAT or even SK Gaming commented as follows:

“I would never put an entire career on the line and risk not being able to play. It’s happened so many times in League of Legends and players could have prevented it. Afterwards, players often think, “I should have done it differently from the beginning”.

Here is the full interview with Sheepy and Kold discussing the benefits of a vertical mouse.

Conclusion on how to get started with ergonomic mice for gaming

Thinking about getting into more intensive gaming? You want to compete with the pros of e-sports in the future? Then start your career with the right mouse!

To rely on an Ergomaus at the beginning of your gaming career is the cornerstone to practise your favourite hobby without any complaints for the rest of your life. Even for active gamers, the transition to the Ergomaus is not difficult and pays off in the long run.

Switching to a vertical mouse won’t give you easy success or make you immediately better. Experienced gamers, on the other hand, have found that starting with ergonomic mice leads to a higher training workload and longer careers. It’s clearly worth the effort, and your new mouse will undoubtedly improve your gaming experience for the better.

Final thoughts on ergonomic mice

Luckily, there is an alternative for sore wrists after long days at the computer. The simple solution is to invest in a high quality mouse with ergonomic features.

The market offers endless options to find the perfect mouse for your taste. Thanks to this article, you are now an expert in the field. Finally, you can take care of preventing or eliminating discomfort and pain in your hands.

With an ergonomic mouse, your fate is literally in your hands!