The most important information about
any gaming accessories!

Gaming accessories are the heart of any setup.

The equipment of a gamer brings a personal touch to your desk and creates a relaxed feel-good atmosphere in your gaming room.

But accessories not only give the setup personality, they also affect the gaming experience.

High-quality equipment allows you to dive deeper into the game world and have more fun while playing.

If you are an e-sports enthusiast or prefer to play competitive game modes, powerful gaming accessories are important to succeed.

I know how big the jungle of information about gaming accessories is on the internet.

That’s why I want to help you through the jungle of information and have summarized everything you need to know about gaming accessories for you.

Gaming Monitor

The gaming monitor is by far the most important thing. The more powerful the screen, the better the picture. You’ll have more fun if you don’t just push pixels back and forth, but feel like you’re interacting with a real world. 


The first purchase criterion is the screen resolution. A video resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels (Full HD) is considered standard nowadays. Apart from these, 2k and 4k screens that have an aspect ratio of 16:9 are in the market for gaming screens. The higher image resolution is especially worthwhile for games that impress with their graphics.

However, the high resolution has one drawback. Screens that have a good refresh rate at 2k or even 4k resolution are expensive and your graphics card needs to deliver enough power.

Full HD is the minimum resolution you need. Higher resolutions make the picture sharper, but usually come at the expense of the frame rate. With a few exceptions, all professional e-sports players use a screen with a Full HD resolution.

Flat vs. curved monitor

Curved monitors are advertised with their immersive features. This means that with a curved monitor you can immerse yourself in the game world better than with a flat monitor.

For you as a player, the feeling arises that you are in the middle of the battle. When choosing between the two forms, you should ask yourself if performance or gaming experience is more important to you.

A high-performance curved monitor usually costs significantly more than an equivalent flat screen. For reference, you can take a look at the world of e-sports.

There are no professional FPS gamers who use a curved monitor. If your main concern is an intense gaming experience, a curved monitor is a better fit for your setup.


When it comes to monitor size, keep one number in mind above all else: dot density. The dot density (pixel per inch) should not be less than 109 ppi. 24 to 27 inches are considered standard.

Response time and input lag

The response time indicates how long the individual pixels take to switch between different colors. The response time should not exceed 8 ms.

However, you should pay much more attention to the input lag than to the response time, as this is the time it takes for the image from the graphics card to arrive at the monitor.

TN, IPS, VA Panels

TN monitors have the fastest response time, but the picture is worse if you are not sitting centrally in front of the monitor. IPS panels have a slightly longer response time, but reproduce colors better. And VA panels offer the best contrasts.

Frame rate

The refresh rate indicates how often the screen refreshes the image. The higher this value, the smoother the image. For normal screens, the value is between 60 and 75 frames Hertz.

There are also 120, 144 and 240 hertz screens on the market. The difference between 60 and 144 frames per second (FPS) is very clear. The difference between a 144 and 240 Hz monitor is perceived less intensely by most gamers.

Before buying a monitor with 144 Hz, you should find out if you can consistently achieve over 144 FPS in your games. If not, a 144 Hz monitor won’t do you any good or you’ll need a new graphics card.

Additional features

Many gaming monitors have additional features. This includes, for example, Zowie’s Black eQualizer, which lightens dark areas. One of the best known features reduces harmful blue light and has a different name depending on the manufacturer.

This is a special mode designed to be easy on the eyes. However, gaming glasses offer better protection against the blue light. Whether and which functions are required depends on your individual needs.

Gaming keyboard

gaming keyboard

In many people’s minds, the glow of the mechanical keyboard and the characteristic click are part of creating an authentic gaming atmosphere.

Mechanical keyboard or rubberdome keyboard

The type of keyboard you have will tell you something about its longevity in most cases. There are two different forms. Rubberdome keyboards are the most widely sold type of keyboard.

In these models, the keys lie on a continuous rubber plate with domes (rubber domes). When the button is clicked, the dome is pushed through, making contact with the circuit board.

Rubberdome keyboards are inexpensive to produce, but they have several disadvantages for users. The tactile feedback is not clear and changes as the rubber mat wears. The wear and tear on the mat means that Rubberdome keyboards do not last long.

You should buy a mechanical keyboard. The keyboards provide tactile and acoustic feedback. In addition, the trigger point of a keystroke does not change.

Linear or acoustic switches

The switches are located between the key and the circuit board. They give your keyboard a character. There are over a hundred different switches. You can choose between linear and acoustic switches. You will not hear or feel linear switches.

With acoustic switches, on the other hand, you can hear and feel the keystroke. The advantage of acoustic switches is that you know you have pressed the key.

This way you don’t press the key through every time and can start earlier with the next key press.

This is especially important for e-sports players and competitive gamers to save important milliseconds. Players who play for fun do not gain any advantage from acoustic switches and can decide as they wish.

Alittle tip: The best known switch manufacturer is the German company Cherry. If you are unsure which switches your keyboard should have, you can order a switch tester on the internet.


The layout of the keyboard is especially interesting for e-sportsmen.

These sometimes resort to abbreviated keyboards that lack the numeric keypad. So-called “tenkeyless” keyboards can thus be set up in a more space-saving manner and be transported more easily.


Many gaming keyboards have a lighting system that you can customize or turn off. The RGB system does not bring you any added value.

Most manufacturers offer keyboards with and without illumination systems. If you want to save money, you can go for a keyboard without RGB backlighting.

With cable or wireless?

There are no serious differences between a keyboard with or without a cable.

While there used to be a significant difference in the speed of data transfer, this is no longer the case with new models. Meanwhile, a large number of e-sports players are using wireless keyboards.

Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover

Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover should be in every high-quality gaming keyboard.

On the printed circuit board the keys are arranged in a matrix. If keys that are in the same column or row are pressed very quickly one after the other, this can cause problems.

Keystrokes are delayed or not registered. If the keyboard has anti-hosting, the keys in the WASD area are evaluated individually.

N-Key rollover is necessary if you want to press more than one key. For example, if you want your character to run forward (W key), sprint (SHIFT key) and throw a knife (G key) at the same time, your keyboard will have to evaluate three keystrokes. 6-key rollover is considered standard. Anything above that adds no value.

Gaming mouse

Logitech was one of the first companies to discover the gaming accessories market, specializing in gaming mice at the beginning of the 21st century.

Meanwhile, the market for gaming mice has exploded. So that you get what you need, I have summarized the most important purchase criteria for you.

Laser mouse or optical mouse?

You have the choice between two different technologies for the sensor. Optical mice use a light-emitting diode to scan the surface. This technology is very accurate, but does not work on every surface.

Laser technology, on the other hand, works on almost any surface. The disadvantage of laser mice is the mouse acceleration, which cannot be switched off and is due to the sensor.

This means that the conversion of the mouse movement to the screen depends on the speed of the movement. Therefore I recommend you an optical mouse.


The shape of the mouse depends mainly on the grip you use. You should use a large, tall mouse when your palm rests completely on the mouse.

Otherwise a large part of the palm will not rest on the mouse and slow down your movements. If only your fingertips are resting on it, I recommend a small, narrow gaming mouse.

The “Claw-Grip” is an extreme form, where the mouse is moved with the fingertips and the lower palm. Players with this grip should choose a mouse that is narrow and not too high.


When it comes to weight, it all comes down to individual preference. High quality mice offer the option of adding weights to the mouse, allowing the user to customize it to their needs.

With or without cable?

Today, there is no difference in quality between mice with and without cables. Wireless mice have the same latency as their wired counterparts.

A major selling point for “wireless” gaming mice is that they can’t suffer cable breakage.

Aside from that, cable breakage rarely occurs with high-quality gaming mice that have a sheathed cable. Therefore, both variants are equivalent.

Dpi value and polling rate

The dpi value indicates how sensitively the mouse reacts to movements. The higher this value, the more sensitive the mouse reacts. The dpi value is in most cases individually adjustable and varies between 200 and 12,000 dpi.

Higher values are not interesting for many gamers. If the sensitivity of a mouse were set to 12,000 dpi, it would be unusable. Most gamers use a value between 400 and 1,200 dpi.

The polling rate indicates how often the mouse sends its position to the computer within one second. If the polling rate is 125 Hz, the mouse sends its position to the computer every 8 ms.

The polling rate of good gaming mice is 1000 Hz, which makes the response time of the mice 1 ms.

Internal memory and individual settings

You can customize your mouse to suit your needs. If the mouse has internal memory, you can save the setting on the mouse so you don’t have to readjust it when you connect it to a new PC.

This includes creating different profiles for different games. In addition, some mice let you create macros to help you play games or assign functions to additional buttons.

The customizability of the RGB lighting allows you to match the mouse to the rest of your gaming accessories. However, not every mouse has this option.


Your gaming mouse is exposed to higher loads than the rest of your gaming accessories. The mouse should therefore be made of a robust material and the buttons should be well made.

At best, the mouse has no rubberized surfaces, as these often disintegrate or quickly form unhygienic deposits.

Gaming mouse pad

gaming mouse pad

The gaming mouse pad complements the duo of mouse and keyboard. The gaming accessory serves as a protective pad and improves the accuracy of your mouse movements.


The texture of the pad and the feel depend largely on the material used. For gamers, mouse pads made of fabric as well as hard plastic are suitable.

There are also various hybrids on the market. You will notice the biggest difference between the variants in the friction. Hard plastic mouse pads have less friction, which slows down mouse movements less.

The resistance is greater with their fabric counterparts. Neither option is per se better than the other. When it comes to the material, you have to decide for yourself.

In general, cloth mouse pads give the player more control over mouse movement, while hard plastic mouse pads make quick mouse movements easier.

The two variants differ in terms of longevity. Hard plastic has the disadvantage of being more susceptible to wear and tear. The mouse feet also wear out faster due to the hard surface. Mouse pads made of fabric get dirty more easily.


The size of the pad depends primarily on you. This point is interesting for you if you are an extreme Lowsens or Highsens player.

If you play with a low sensitivity, it is worth buying a large mouse pad. A small mouse pad is useful if you don’t make large movements with your mouse.

There are also mouse pads on which you can place not only the mouse but also the keyboard. This has the advantage that the feet of the keyboard do not cause damage to the tabletop.


A thick or thin mouse pad won’t give you a bonus in accuracy or speed of mouse movement.

The majority of gamers prefer thin mouse pads because they do not distort the feeling when moving the mouse.

non-slip mat

To prevent your gaming mouse pad from slipping in the middle of a firefight, the underside should be made of a non-slip material. I advise you to look for a rubberized bottom when buying.

With or without hem

There is a hem on some pads. This prevents fringes from forming on the edge. However, many players are bothered by the feeling on the wrist.

In addition, high-quality pads without hem also do not fray.

gaming headset

The right soundscape not only immerses you deeply in the game world, but allows you to hear enemies better.

Stereo or Surround?

While stereo headsets only have one speaker per earpiece, surround headsets have several speakers. This should help players perceive sounds more clearly.

Which variant is suitable for you depends on the use and your budget. Are you an e-sports enthusiast and do you race at LAN events?

Then you will usually wear stereo earbuds there (in-ear earphones). When training at home, you should also use a stereo headset.

In addition, stereo headphones are considered more powerful because they have one large speaker instead of many small ones.

I therefore advise you to go for a good stereo headset instead of buying an overpriced surround headset. The money you save can be better invested in other gaming accessories.

Open or closed headset?

A closed headset covers your ears completely. This increases the pressure and bass (low frequencies) are perceived more intensively.

By covering your ears, you can no longer hear your surroundings. The downside to these headsets: Eventually, your ears will start to get warm from the pressure and thermal insulation.

This is noticeable during long gaming sessions.

Open headsets do not emphasize any frequency range. The sound is a bit more harmonious, which makes it easier to locate enemies. Open headphones allow you to continue to hear the world around you.

I recommend an open headset if you play a lot of shooters and long wearing comfort is important to you.

If you use the headset for listening to music in addition to gaming, a closed headset is the right choice.


The same motto applies here as with other gaming accessories: It plays a subordinate role whether the gaming headset is “wireless”. Wireless headphones are usually a little heavier.

In return, you have neither cable breaks nor a cable tangle to contend with.


The impedance indicates the electrical resistance that the sound card must overcome. The value is given in ohms. If the resistance cannot be overcome, no sound or only a very quiet sound is produced.

Impedance is the reason why your gaming headset won’t work on your smartphone.

So that you don’t have to buy a new sound card later on to be able to use the headset, you should inform yourself about the performance of your sound card beforehand.

Gaming microphone

gaming microphone

In order to communicate with your fellow players on TS or Discord, you need a microphone.

Stand microphone or headset microphone

Most gamers use the headset microphone as it is convenient and produces a good sound result in most cases.

A stand microphone not only needs an extra USB slot, but above all space. Thus, the microphone, keyboard, monitor and mouse interfere with each other.

To avoid a tussle between your gaming accessories, there are microphone mounts. Whether the additional investment in a stand-alone microphone including a mount is worth it depends on you.

If you are a streamer or content creator, the better sound quality may be worth it. Otherwise, it is sufficient to use your headset microphone.

Gaming Wifi Router

gaming wifi router

To participate in online battles, you need internet. So that your gaming opponents are not joined by the data transmission of your router, you need the right gaming accessories.


One thing first: If you have the possibility, you should use a LAN connection instead of a WLAN connection.

This is faster and gives you a significant ping advantage. If a LAN connection is not possible, you will at least need a powerful router.

Single, Dual or Tri-Band

If you are not the only one using the router, you should buy a dual or tri-band router. Dual-band routers transmit on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency.

This doubles the bandwidth. Compared to a single-band router, a tri-band router has three times the bandwidth.

WLAN standard

The WLAN standard should be 802.11ac or better 802.11ax. Both standards convince with high data transmission on the 5 GHz frequency band.

But while 802.11ac uses only the 5 GHz range, 802.11ax uses both the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz ranges.


With MU-MIMO, your gaming router can transmit to multiple ports on a network simultaneously. If other devices also use the network, you need this function.

Gaming Controller for the PC

pc controller

The ultimate gaming accessories are controllers that allow you to play FIFA, for example, even on the computer with the controller.

You should choose the right gaming controller for your PC according to its purpose. A racing bike is better suited for a racing game, while an Xbox controller is better suited for FIFA.

For shooters like COD, I recommend you get a Scuf, as they are some of the best controllers for professional gaming.

For the connection type, you can choose between a USB connection and a wireless adapter. Both types of connection are equivalent.

Gaming projector

gaming projector

A great alternative to gaming monitors are gaming beamers. Meanwhile, the input lag between a monitor and a projector is almost equivalent. And with a projector, you have the great advantage of a huge picture, which is a real plus especially when gaming with friends.

If you are interested in this topic, I can recommend you my article about gaming projectors.

Gaming glasses

gaming glasses

If you sit in front of a monitor for several hours a day, your eyes are constantly exposed to harmful blue light. In this case, gaming glasses can help counteract eye fatigue and protect them from the blue light.

Good models can be had for as little as 20€ and are a real buy for this small sum. The gamer glasses do not interfere with gaming and are an excellent investment in your health.