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As a gamer, you regularly look at your smartphone and monitor for several hours a day, which strain your eyes with their harmful blue light rays and reduce your sleep quality. However, with special gaming glasses you can significantly improve your health and your sleep.

In this post, I’ll answer the most common questions about gamer glasses and introduce you to the best sellers on Amazon.

What are gaming glasses?

Gaming glasses or blue light filter glasses protect your eyes from artificial blue light from screens like smartphones, monitors, TVs, etc…. Blue light also known as High Energy Visible Light or HEV light for short inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

This suggests to your body that it’s daytime and messes with your body’s sleep patterns. Gamer glasses have a special coating that filters out HEV light. Thus, your sleep rhythm is not disturbed and you fall asleep faster in the evening.

The name Gamer Glasses has become established because it is particularly suitable for gamers to buy such glasses. Because gamers often spend several hours in front of their monitor. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing on a PC or consoles such as the Xbox One or PS4. Accordingly, many professional pro gamers also wear such glasses for gaming.

Do gaming glasses make sense?

The answer to these questions is clearly yes. I have listed the biggest advantages below:

You fall asleep faster in the evening

As mentioned above, the blue light from your monitor will disrupt your sleep patterns, causing you to fall asleep more slowly. This factor is of course especially relevant in the evening before you go to bed.

So if you often gamble into the night, gaming glasses are especially worthwhile. Your sleep rhythm does not shift backwards and you fall asleep faster after gaming. It also improves your sleep quality, making you fitter in the morning.

computer glasses

Your eyes will be less strained

Another reason to wear gamer glasses in the evening is that your pupils dilate in the dark, so even more harmful blue light hits your optic nerves. That’s why it makes sense not to play in complete darkness, but always in a lighted room.

Only you have to keep in mind that LEDs from ceiling lamps or a backlight also have a high blue light content. Consequently, gamer glasses also protect against this.

Vision damage is prevented

According to an article by the Stiftung WarentestHEV light is suspected of damaging the optic nerves in the long term. As a result, in the long term, the blue light can cause visual damage. So if you spend several hours a day in front of your smartphone or monitor, there is a chance that your optic nerves will be affected. However, there are still no studies that confirm this theory.

However, it has been proven that the blue light disturbs your sleep rhythm and makes it harder for you to fall asleep.

Through the glasses you have no restrictions while gaming

Gaming glasses have a low weight and a comfortable fit. After a short period of acclimatisation, you will no longer feel anything from the glasses or will not notice any impairments.

For example, the temples of the model already presented at the beginning of the article are also very small and so the glasses can also be used with a headset without any problems.

gamer glasses

Are there any disadvantages?

No, there aren’t really any relevant downsides. Two things that might bother you I have listed anyway.

You have to get used to wearing the glasses

Maybe it is unusual for you to gamble with glasses, if you have never worn them before. Or you expect unpleasant comments from others who make fun of your glasses.

But no one sees you at your desk in the evening anyway. Furthermore, there is the general question of what you prefer, your health or what others think about you.

Some glasses have a yellowish tint

gaming glasses ps4

What could be another disadvantage for you is the tint of some models. For example, some lenses are slightly orange or yellowish in color. Thus, the image appears warmer through the glasses. The whole thing can be compared a bit like seeing through ski goggles.

This is of course a bit irritating at the beginning but in the end you will get used to it quickly. Or you can choose a model without tinted lenses. Then you get a completely neutral picture.

Frequently asked questions about gamer glasses

Following that, I answer more common questions about gamer glasses.

Can I wear blue light filter glasses if I wear glasses?

As a spectacle wearer, you have three options. The easiest would be to use contact lenses for gaming and then put your glasses on over them.

Or you can buy a pair of gaming glasses with diopter directly. This would be possible on Gunnar ‘s site, for example.

But this option has two disadvantages: First, is very annoying to always have to change the glasses before and after gaming. Secondly, blue light safety glasses with prescription are expensive. Especially as your vision changes over time, prescription models are almost unaffordable in the long run.

The third option would be a clip on with blue light filter. This is simply put on your glasses. So you can always leave your normal glasses on and still be protected from the HEV light.

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Why is the blue light filter on my monitor not enough?

Some monitors have an integrated blue light filter that can be activated via the settings. In addition, there is also the night mode under Windows or apps like f.lux. These filters also reduce the HEV light and are already a first protective measure.

However, the protection factor is of course much lower than with gamer glasses. In addition, these programs color the image yellowish, which can be very annoying. For example, when you cut a video, the colors are no longer represented truthfully.

For perfect protection, combine a blue light filter with a pair of gamer glasses. However, if you prefer an unaltered image, a pair of gaming glasses without tinted glass is a good choice for you.

gamer glasses test

Night mode under Windows

Top 10 Bestsellers

Conclusion: Gamer glasses are worth it

Especially if you often play in the evening or spend several hours in front of your screen every day, a pair of gaming glasses is definitely worth it. Your eyes are relieved and you can fall asleep faster at night. The price is also very low. 

Even if you wear glasses you have no restrictions. You can just clip on to your glasses and protect yourself against the HEV light.

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