The 5 best gaming mice from 2021!

10 - 125 €

Without a gaming mouse, you’re at a distinct disadvantage against your opponents in computer games.

Also, a regular mouse will cause physical damage to your wrists in the long run due to its unergonomic shape.

That’s why I’ll show you the best gaming mice from 10 – 125€ in this buying guide.

The three biggest advantages of a gaming mouse!

A quick overview of the 5 best gaming mice in their price range!

10 - 20 €

HoLife PC Gaming Mouse - For casual gamers

The HoLife gaming mouse offers the perfect entry into the world of gaming. Of course, not the best sensor is installed here & the processing is also not perfect, but a casual gamer will not notice that!

For this low price, the HoLife mouse is currently the best you can get. I would recommend them to anyone who only gambles once in a while! However, if you play almost every day, I would recommend one of the following models in the higher price range.



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20 - 50 €

Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED - Wireless Tip

The Logitech G305 Lightspeed is distinguished by its excellent sensor. Even though it’s wireless, you won’t notice any difference in signal transmission compared to a regular wired mouse.

Therefore, I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a wireless gaming mouse. The difference to the top models here is only in the poorer ergonomics & workmanship.



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50 - 75 €

Razer Basilisk V2 - My recommendation!

This Razer gaming mouse has everything that makes a good gaming mouse! An excellent sensor technology, a high processing quality and an ergonomic design!

Therefore, the Razer Basilisk V2 offers the best overall package for me and is my gaming mouse recommendation!



Product data

75 - 100 €

ENDGAME GEAR XM1 RGB - Esports Mouse

If you really want the best of the best, you should go for the Engame Gear XM1. It was developed in collaboration with Esportlers and outshines all other mice by far in terms of sensor technology, input lag & weight.

So with the Endgame Gear XM1 you can create an almost unfair advantage over your opponents!



Product data

100 - 125 €

Logitech G500 Lightspeed - Wireless wonder

If you’re looking for a wireless mouse with the technology of a wired mouse, the Logitech G500 is your best bet.

It combines the convenience of a wireless mouse with the low input lag and precise sensor of a wired mouse.



Product data

Gaming Mouse Guide - What to look for when buying a gaming mouse?

So that you don’t make a rash decision and end up getting upset that the gaming mouse doesn’t meet your requirements after all, you should inform yourself comprehensively about the most important criteria of a good gaming mouse. I’ve listed what those are for you below.

DPI (not)

The DPI is responsible for the sensitivity of the mouse. The higher the DPI value, the faster the pointer moves when the mouse is moved.

A DPI of 2000 is perfectly sufficient. Higher values only lead to poorer precision. For comparison, most pro gamers play at 400 – 800 DPI in shooters.

In this respect, the DPI value that is always so highly praised by the manufacturer is not really relevant. So you don’t really have an advantage if the gaming mouse has, say, 20,000 DPI instead of 5000.

Polling rate

The polling rate indicates how often per second the mouse sends a signal to the PC.

That is, how fast the movements and clicks of your mouse arrive at the computer. A good value for the polling rate is 1000 Hz. All mice listed here in the best list also fulfill this value.


The mouse should feel good in your hands and you should be able to reach all the buttons easily. After all, you sometimes move the mouse for hours while gaming. An ergonomic mouse is therefore a must.

You should be aware of whether you have smaller or larger hands and whether you prefer a heavier or lighter mouse.

That’s why all product links on this page lead to Amazon. There you can return the mouse if necessary 30 days without justification. So even if she should be uncomfortable.

Programmable Keys & Shortcuts

Especially for MMO games like WOW or LOL additional buttons are helpful. The buttons can be programmed freely according to your needs.

For example, it’s enormously helpful to put abilities like a heal function on these extra keys. In battle, you can then access it in a flash with a click of the mouse and don’t have to scroll through your inventory first.

For example, I put the sprint function on the side button of my Razer Deathadder Chroma in every game. That’s where my thumb always rests anyway and I can access the button with no problem.

RGB/ LED lighting

RGB lighting is of course not mandatory and has no effect on the performance of the gaming mouse. However, lighting provides an exciting color contrast, which has a positive effect on your gaming setup.

As a rule, the color can also be changed individually by software according to your wishes and is not fixed. As a result, you can match the color perfectly to your gaming room.

Buy gaming mouse with or without cable?

gaming mouse wireless

Many gamers still have the concern with wireless mice that Bluetooth gaming mice, for example, have poor connection quality, putting them at a disadvantage in computer games.

But this is basically no longer an issue, at least for mice in the medium to high price segment. In the meantime, many Esport users swear by wireless mice.

But then why are wired mice still so trendy? Simply because they offer better value for money. Just because the gaming mouse is wireless, you’re paying a much higher price than you would for a wired mouse with the same specifications.

At the same cost, you will have to accept compromises in quality, workmanship or ergonomics, for example. So you have to decide if a cable is really that annoying for you or if you don’t have any problems with it.

Another alternative would be a mouse bungee. This is a holder that prevents your mouse cable from getting tangled or too much tension. So you enjoy full freedom of movement.

Gaming Mouse Manufacturer & Brands

For example, if you already own a keyboard or headset from one brand or manufacturer and are completely satisfied with it, it may make sense to add a gaming mouse to your setup.

The three Amazon bestsellers of the most popular gaming mouse manufacturers are listed below.

Logitech Gaming Mouse

Roccat Gaming Mouse

Razer Gaming Mouse

Corsair Gaming Mouse

Speedlink Gaming Mouse

Steelseries Gaming Mouse

Sharkoon Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Set

If you’ve just started gaming and don’t have a mouse and keyboard yet, you might be interested in a gaming mouse and keyboard set.

Here you will find especially in the low price segment. Many no-name sellers sell such sets on Amazon. The quality isn’t outstanding, but it’s wonderful for starters.

But if you want to approach gaming more professionally or if you play almost every day, such a set makes less sense.

Then I would rather recommend you to buy a good gaming mouse and a good gaming keyboard separately from a proven manufacturer. The whole thing will cost more, but I promise you, in the long run you will have a much greater pleasure with it thanks to the higher quality of workmanship.

Conclusion - What is the best gaming mouse?

Which is the best gaming mouse now, of course, depends on your individual preferences. But as an orientation I have created a small overview for you.

If you only gamble once in a while, I advise you to use the model from Holife. For under 20€ you do everything right with it. However, if you play almost every day, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Then the inferior build quality becomes apparent, for example in the form of jammed keys.

My recommendation for all gamers who regularly play games is the Razer Basilisk V 2, which has everything a good gaming mouse should have. An ergonomic shape, an excellent sensor for maximum precision and cool lighting.

If you want to play at the highest level, you should reach for the ENDGAME GEAR XM1 RGB. It is even faster and lighter than the Razer Basilisk V2. In addition, it was specially developed by esporters.

However, if you want a wireless mouse, I recommend the Logitech G305 Lightspeed or Logitech G500 Lightspeed. You won’t notice any difference in latency between either and a wired mouse.

The big difference in price comes from the fact that the Logitech G500 simply offers even higher quality and additional features. So it has better ergonomics, a better sensor after all, and a customizable weight.

I know, choosing the right gaming mouse is not an easy decision. All the more I hope that I could support you with this guide and that the differences are clear to you now. Now you just have to make a choice!