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Top 5 Models from 2021!

A gaming projector is a projector that projects the gaming surface onto a wall or screen, making it especially useful for group gaming.

To make playing a special experience, it is important to find an optimal model. Because not every beamer for gaming is also suitable for playing fast-paced action games.

That’s why I compared the different gaming projectors with each other. With the list you will quickly find the perfect model that meets your requirements and will bring you pleasure for a long time.

Checklist: Good Gaming Beamer!

If you want your gaming projector to be professional, i.e. trouble-free and of a high quality, then your new device should have the following features:

The top 5 gaming projectors 2021!

1. optoma HD144X projector - affordable entry-level model

Optoma HD144X Projektor (Full HD, 1920 x…*
  • SCHARFE BILDER – Die 1080p Full HD-Auflösung liefert gestochen scharfe und detailgetreue HD Bilder. Der HD144X DLP-Projektor von Optoma…
  • BEEINDRUCKENDE HELLIGKEIT – Die 3400 ANSI Lumen liefern beeindruckend satte Farben für jeden Inhalt in jeder Umgebung. Mit dem hellen…
  • UNGLAUBLICHE TIEFE – Das hohe Kontrastverhältnis von 23.000:1 lässt Weißtöne heller und Schwarztöne tiefschwarz erscheinen. Mit dem…

Product data:

This projector can be used for gaming. With its Full HD resolution, advanced DLP technology as well as 3D function and a contrast ratio of 23,000:1, the device is also suitable for action-packed games.

In addition, this projector delivers a crisp HD image in excellent and vibrant colors.

The projection ratio ranges from 1.47:1 to a maximum of 1.62:1. This range makes it possible to place the device properly in different locations or to install it permanently.

The Optoma HD144X projector with its 1920 x 1080p 2x HDMI – a perfectly suitable projector for gaming and watching movies in cinema quality.

2nd Acer Nitro G550 DLP gaming projector - compact mediocrity

Acer Nitro G550 DLP Gaming-Projektor (Full…*
  • Typ: DLP Beamer, Anwendungsbereich: Gaming, Spiel & Spaß
  • Auflösung: 1.920 x 1.080 Pixel (Native 1080p, Full HD)
  • Lumen: 2.200 Lumen, Kontrast: 10.000:1 Kontrast

Product data:

This model impresses with its Full HD resolution and 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, allowing for a razor-sharp image. The 120 Hertz projection can project an image size from 0.72 to a maximum of 7.62 m onto the screen in a high quality, depending on your requirements.

The 2,200 ANSI lumens are high quality, perform well, and have a lamp life of max. 3,500/10,000 eco hours, under normal use.

The gaming projector is offered in 2 variants: with a contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and a contrast ratio of 20,000:1 for an even higher quality gaming experience.

The built-in loudspeaker as well as the remote control ensure a comfortable operation and the all-round feel-good program.

The Acer Nitro G550 DLP gaming projector – a small and compact projector, not only for gaming.

BenQ TH671ST Full HD Projector - My recommendation for gamers!

BenQ DLP Full HD Gaming Beamer TH671ST mit…*
  • 1080P AUFLÖSUNG: Full-HD-Bildqualität mit 1080 Pixeln, einer Helligkeit von 3.000 ANSI Lumen und einem Kontrastverhältnis von 10.000:1…
  • NIEDRIGER INPUT LAG: Minimaler Input Lag von 16ms bei 120 Hz und schnelle DMD-Reaktionszeit im Mikrosekundenbereich für flüssiges Gameplay
  • AUTOMATISCHER LICHTSENSOR LumiExpert(tm): Wählt die Bildhelligkeit in Abhängigkeit von den Lichtverhältnissen in der Umgebung – für…

Product data:

This model from BenQ is interesting for many gamers, because this projector has a relatively low input lag of only 16.67 ms, which means that the image build-up is quite fast and every game runs smoothly. Especially with fast car races or games with a fast sequence a short input lag can be an advantage.

The 3,000 ANSI lumens produce a high brightness that also allows you to play in rooms that are not completely dark.

The model can either be set up for use or permanently installed on the ceiling or wall. Due to its individual characteristics, the model is also wonderfully suitable for a short distance, i.e. in confined spaces.

The manufacturer offers this high-quality projector in 8 versions, so that no consumer’s wishes remain unfulfilled.

BenQ TH671ST Full HD projector – razor sharp image on a huge screen of up to 100 inches from 1.5 meters. Due to the low input lag, I would definitely recommend this projector for gaming.

4. Optoma UHD51A Alexa 4K DLP Projector - Cheap 4k Variant

Optoma UHD51A Alexa 4K DLP-Projektor (UHD,…*
  • ALEXA SPRACHSTEUERUNG – Mit Alexa lässt sich der UHD51A DLP-Projektor von Optoma ein- oder ausschalten, die Lautstärke anpassen und vieles…
  • MESSERSCHARFE BILDER – Mit mehr als 8 Millionen Pixeln bringt die 4K UHD-Auflösung vier mal mehr Details auf die Leinwand als Full HD. Der…
  • BEEINDRUCKENDE HELLIGKEIT – Die 2.400 ANSI Lumen liefern beeindruckend satte Farben für jeden Inhalt in jeder Umgebung. Mit dem hellen…

Product data:

This 3D gaming projector has UHD technology, which is beneficial for action-packed games, 2400 lumens and a contrast ratio of 500,000:1. Thanks to its 15 connections, the device can be used for many different purposes.

Alexa voice control is already integrated for stress-free operation. This means that home cinema can also be enjoyed entirely directly from the sofa.

The high contrast ratio delivers crystal clear images with brilliant colours, deep blacks and vibrant colours.

The projector can be positioned flexibly as it has a vertical lens shift of +10%.

The Optoma UHD51A Alexa 4K DLP projector – razor-sharp images, stunning colours and incredible depth.

5. Optoma UHD65 4K DLP Projector - for Movie & Series Junkies

Optoma UHD65 4K DLP Projector, Schwarz*
  • Der helle und einfach einzurichtende wartet mit der Optoma Amazing Colour Technologie auf und liefert Farben nach Norm Rec.709 – für…
  • Egal, ob Filme, TV Shows oder Videospiele: Optoma Projektoren liefern beeindruckend satte Farben in jeder Umgebung und für jeden Inhalt.
  • 4K UHD Auflösung und HDR Kompatibilität

Product data:

This projector for gaming has a 4K UHD resolution and HDR compatibility, which makes watching movies and gaming demanding games without compromise. The images on the canvas are absolutely lifelike and take the user into a whole new and fascinating world.

Since this model is equipped with a horizontal mechanical lensshift, it can also adjust the projection in height. Furthermore, the gaming beamer has a 3-stage intermediate image calculation.

This additionally improves the processing of the images. The noise level is quite low during operation and not disturbing when watching movies or sports as well as when gaming. However, customers complain about the relatively long input lag of more than 60ms.

The Optoma UHD65 4K DLP Projector – quite versatile model with a clear focus on a first-class image. If you primarily watch movies and play a few games now and then, this is your best bet.

What to look for when buying a gaming projector?

Since a gaming projector is quite a large purchase, you should find out exactly which model best suits your needs before buying.

That’s why I’ve answered all the questions to consider when buying in the following guide.

How large should the screen of a gaming projector be?

gaming beamer screen

Of course, gaming with a beamer is only really fun if the player(s) can immerse themselves in the action, i.e. the gaming surface is appropriately large.

Of course, personal preferences as well as local conditions should also play a certain role in the selection of the image surface.

After all, in a small, rather confined space, a larger-than-average playing surface doesn’t make much sense. Especially if the space for movement is constricted.

A maximum screen diagonal of 300 to 500 inches with 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios has proven to be the most suitable.

A maximum screen diagonal of 300 to 500 inches with 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios has proven to be the most suitable.

What resolution must a gaming projector have?

For the ultimate gaming experience, the optimal resolution, i.e. the number of pixels used, is of course also crucial.

The most effective resolution can only be found depending on the image diagonal as well as the image format.

Technical progress has also made its way into the field of projectors suitable for action-packed games and has produced high-resolution formats that produce a razor-sharp image.

For example, beamers with Ultra HD or Full HD, 4K as well as HDR and WUXGA are very popular.
The number of pixels in these models is as follows:

Games suitable beamers with one of these resolutions have done particularly well in online test results and individual customer reviews.

Therefore, especially these models should be included in the purchase decision. However, a high resolution often conflicts with a high refresh rate, as the power of the computer or console is usually not sufficient for both. More on this below.

What is the refresh rate (Hz) of a gaming projector?

frame rate

Frame rate, also called refresh rate, is the actual number of frames per second.

It is measured in units of Hertz, or Hz for short. The higher this rate is, respectively the faster the frames follow each other, the clearer the images are in the end and the more fascinating the experience while playing.

Gaming projectors should have a refresh rate of at least 120 Hz.
A refresh rate of 240 Hz is better. In order to achieve the ultimate gaming experience and also to be prepared for the foreseeable technical progress of games, the refresh rate should be at least 480 Hz.

Because then you can also play the fantastic 3D games that are becoming more and more fashionable. And that in a high picture quality that leaves hardly anything to be desired. If you want to buy with foresight, you should choose an appropriate model right away.

Do gaming beamers have a high response time?

For a projector for gaming, the response time should be correspondingly low. This is the only way to ensure that the picture, and thus the action on the screen, runs without delay or annoying judder.

In order to achieve trouble-free gaming, you should use a so-called DLP-based projector, i.e. a digital light processing projector.

This is because these models in particular are characterized by a greatly reduced response time and make gaming fluid and free of annoying errors in the flow of the game.

The particularly high contrast of these special projectors for gaming also contributes to the ultimate gaming experience because of its high resolution and sharpness.

Be sure to choose a projector with DLP. In contrast to LCD models, these have a significantly higher response time.

How high is the input lag of gaming beamers?

Input lag in relation to a monitor is, as the name suggests, the time between the arrival of the signal at the monitor and the moment when the image actually appears on the monitor.

That is, the elapsed time from when the signal is received to when the contrast, saturation, and scaling of the image you see in front of you are adjusted. Of course, all this happens in fractions of a second, but it can be measured with the appropriate equipment.

Granted, this sounds very technical and it probably is, but you should at least have heard of it before you decide on a gaming projector.

Because only if you compare all the technical data of the individual models offered in stores, you will find the perfect projector for gaming for you and your individual needs.

Keep in mind that in demanding gaming, milliseconds can make the difference between winning and losing a game. The better the technical conditions of the playback devices are, the faster you can react during the action, of course.

This way even the not so skilled or fast reacting players will be able to follow the game satisfactorily. It is therefore advantageous for responsive gaming if the input lag is as small as possible.

Unfortunately, the description of the models often lacks information about the value of the individual input lag. However, you can be sure that the beamers designed specifically for gaming are considered accordingly.

How high does the room brightness have to be for a gaming beamer?

room brightness beamer

Beamers for gaming are characterized by a high technical level. As a result, they are versatile and can be used by a wide audience.

The power of the projected image light is measured in lumens. The brighter the room in which you want to gamble with your gaming projector, the higher the lumen value must be in order to be able to produce a crisp and easily recognizable image.

This means: If you darken your room for playing anyway, the projector does not have to have a high lumen number. In this case, a beamer with at least 2000 lumens is sufficient for gaming.

However, you should bear in mind that a higher lumen value is also synonymous with higher power consumption.

Depending on how many hours a month you turn on the projector and play with it, your ongoing monthly energy costs will be correspondingly high.

If you can’t darken your room or you still want to play in bright daylight, it should be at least 3000 lumens.

What do I have to consider when looking at the contrast ratio of a gaming beamer?

For the sharpness of the picture and thus the unclouded gaming pleasure, not only the size and brightness but also the contrast is of course very decisive for the quality.

This refers to the ratio between the darkest and the lightest point in the representation of the actually existing gray levels.

A low contrast ratio of a cheap gaming beamer can be recognized, for example, by the fact that the actual shade of black is not absolutely dark, but seems to be covered by a fine grey haze.

This is because the black is not projected onto the screen like the other colors, but is created by blocking the light.

While inexpensive projectors for presentations usually get by with a contrast ratio of just over 500 to 1, a high-quality projector for gaming should have a ratio of at least 600 to 1.

Ideally, a projector for gaming and demanding television has a value of 100,000:1.

Do I need a 3D-capable gaming projector?

3d capable gaming projector

Many good games don’t need to be played on a 3D capable device. So if you only want to play your tried and tested games on a new projector, then a cheaper gaming projector without 3D function will suffice.

In most cases, however, it makes sense to go for a high-quality model with sophisticated, advanced technology when buying a new one. Because even new games do not remain on the old level and are increasingly offered in a 3D technology.

So even the freshly released blockbusters can not only be enjoyed in cinema screen size, but also in brilliant 3D technology. An experience your friends will envy you for.

What connection options does a gaming projector have?

connection possibilities beamer

Depending on the manufacturer and design of the model, projectors can have quite different connections. Sometimes 10 and more. But not always many connections are also useful.

Only, if you want to use your device quite versatile and not only for gaming, you should make sure that the required ports are also available.

If one or more HDMI connections are integrated, the projector can also be connected to a TV set, among other things, and an additional function can be added.

Which screen do I need for a gaming projector?

In principle, the image can also be projected onto a white wall. However, these are usually not absolutely flat and straight. Even the smallest depressions or unevenness can lead to disturbing shadows. Gaming accessories like a screen are therefore quite useful.

If you’re buying a new high-quality projector for gaming, don’t skimp on the purchase price of the screen. Suitable are both qualitative screens with tripod for individual standing or a screen for hanging.

The individual models can be rolled up so that they do not collect dust when not in use. Just like you know from the map models in school. Of course, the decisive factor is the usable space as well as the playback formats.

However, the quality of the material used and the actual thickness of the cloth should not be underestimated. Preference should be given to a polyester fabric with a cloth thickness of 400 g/m2.

For example, the following screen is suitable.

ESMART Professional MIMOTO Motor-Leinwand…*
  • Darstellungsfläche (Breite x Höhe): 266 x 149 cm (120″)
  • Gehäusemaße (Breite x Tiefe x Höhe): 303 x 8,8 x 8,8 cm
  • Bildformat: 16:9

Are there gaming beamers for short distances?

Of course, not everyone has a large movie theater available at home where they can go wild. More realistic for many gamers are rather small rooms with a very manageable radius of action.

If the selected model has a tilt angle, it can also be placed in the room in such a way that the distance to the screen is only a relatively short distance and still produce a satisfyingly large and sharp image with clear colours.

The special models do not differ in price from the traditional projectors. A gaming projector that is excellent for short distances is, for example, the following model.

Optoma EH320UST Ultra Kurzdistanz DLP…*
  • Ultra Kurzdistanz DLP Beamer; Full HD 1080p, Anwendungsbereich: Geschäftlich, Heimkino
  • Auflösung: 1920 x 1080 Pixel (Full HD)
  • Lumen/Kontrast: 4000 Lumen, 20.000: 1 Kontrast

What are the best gaming projector brands?

If you are looking for a gaming projector for gaming, then you should definitely go for a high-quality brand product.

These are usually somewhat more expensive to purchase, but are characterized by improved handling and longer durability. Popular and frequently requested manufacturers include:

Of course you can also look at projectors from other manufacturers. In order to find an optimal device, it is important that the individual characteristics of each model fit your wishes and local conditions.

To be able to get even a high quality branded product at a fair price, buying online is a good choice. Because there you can profit from discounts and vouchers.

Conclusion about beamers for gaming

Concentration and quick reaction are essential when gaming. Especially when it comes to action-packed and/or fast-paced gameplay like online games.

So that your reactions are not technically limited and you have a decisive advantage over your opponents, it is advisable to pay particular attention to the input lag.

Accordingly, I recommend the BenQ TH671ST projector for gaming. It only has an input lag of 16.67 ms, which is better than many a gaming monitor. In other important characteristics like picture brightness and picture quality, it also delivers excellent scores.

BenQ DLP Full HD Gaming Beamer TH671ST mit…*
  • 1080P AUFLÖSUNG: Full-HD-Bildqualität mit 1080 Pixeln, einer Helligkeit von 3.000 ANSI Lumen und einem Kontrastverhältnis von 10.000:1…
  • NIEDRIGER INPUT LAG: Minimaler Input Lag von 16ms bei 120 Hz und schnelle DMD-Reaktionszeit im Mikrosekundenbereich für flüssiges Gameplay
  • AUTOMATISCHER LICHTSENSOR LumiExpert(tm): Wählt die Bildhelligkeit in Abhängigkeit von den Lichtverhältnissen in der Umgebung – für…

And a good piece of advice in conclusion: a high-quality gamer for gaming can also project a good image onto the wall, but an appropriately large screen increases the quality of the reproduction many times over.

Consequently, with the combination of the BenQ TH671ST and the screen from MIMOTO you are perfectly equipped.