The ultimate guide for
the perfect gaming room!

Maybe you regularly look around on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or even Youtube and have already discovered one or the other gaming room that appeals to you and you would also like to adopt something similar.

But most of these setups have expensive high-end gaming PCs, a multitude of monitors and perfect cable management, which quickly leads to a loss of motivation, because you, for example, as a pupil, trainee, student or for other reasons simply do not have the financial means to do so.

That’s why on this website I’ll tell you in a step by step guide how to get the most out of your gaming setup with the least budget.

What are the areas that make a visually appealing gaming room?

gaming zimmer

To create a visually appealing gameroom it is important to combine the following points perfectly, so that everything looks like one unit and nothing stands out inappropriately.

The right planning and basic questions before putting together a gaming setup

Before you start to optimize your gaming room, it is important to clarify some basic questions about your gaming room. Otherwise, you’ll quickly get confused with the design or end up running out of money.

In addition, a variety of other ideas await you in the rest of this article that you should definitely not miss.

gather inspiration

As described in the introduction, you may already know a setup or two that you like. In any case, your first step should be to pick out gaming rooms that appeal to you and take a screenshot of them. If the following examples aren’t enough for you, just google or check out Instagram, you should find enough inspiration there.

This step is important to really have a concrete picture in mind of how your gambling corner should look like in the end and not just thoughts in your head.

If you only want to adopt individual elements of a setup or combine several setups with each other, it is also advisable to make a rough sketch with a sheet of paper and pencil, where it is already clear in the first few moves how your gaming room should look in the end.

gaming room furnishings

It does not have to be a computer model, but also a simple sketch is sufficient.

Determine and set style

There are three main major themes for gaming setups. One of the three should normally be the setup that you have chosen as your source of inspiration, including the minimalist variant, where the periphery, the colors, the cables, simply everything is reduced to the bare minimum and so a nice clean look is created.

In addition, there are setups that were only bought together from items with the same color and are characterized by their uniformity.

And last but not least, you can often find a variant that revolves around a particular theme, such as your favourite console or computer game, your favourite film or your favourite football team. These setups are characterized by their personal style.

Of course you can combine the different styles, but you should prioritize one style clearly to avoid confusing topics.

Seven free ideas that will instantly make your setup better!

The following seven tips can be implemented by anyone, as they don’t require much creativity and you don’t have to spend any money. Still, I promise your setup will look worlds better after you implement the advice.

At the same time, no matter how expensive your equipment is, if you don’t take these tips to heart, your gaming room is guaranteed not to look good!

1. remove as much as possible

The first thing to do is to remove all unnecessary things that are on and next to the desk.

To do this, you look at what things have an influence on the design of your gaming setup and ask yourself whether all things are really used regularly or have a positive visual effect.

If not, remove the unnecessary items or position them in a closed drawer or cabinet compartment.

This can include, for example, a microphone that you never use because you communicate via headset, or a table fan that you only use in the summer but haven’t put away yet because you were too lazy, etc….

Meistens ist weniger mehr, dass gilt auch bei der Gestaltung eines Setups

Minimalism is a super way to improve a gaming space for free, in my opinion. Since especially small desks quickly look too cluttered. You’ll also make dusting easier on yourself.

2. always open rooms

This advice is closely related to the first tip and is actually self-evident, but it happens to me again and again…

After eating something at my desk or using a tech device, the pizza box or cell phone charging cord stays on my desk for days. And logically, an untidy gaming setup looks pretty humble.

That’s why I recommend you put away all things like candy wrappers, plates, bottles, etc… that accumulate during a gaming session immediately afterwards.

You should also assign a permanent place to each item on your desk. For example, when you’ve used your controller, you don’t just put it down on the table, you put it back in the controller holder immediately after you’ve finished playing.

This way you will get used to automatically putting the item back in its intended place over time, so you don’t let it get messy in the first place. In addition, you always know immediately where to reach to be able to use the item.

3. create a well thought-out cable management system

You can equip your gaming corner with the most expensive PC and the best gaming equipment, but if all the cables are not neatly routed, your desk will still never look remotely good.

Therefore, a well thought-out cable management is essential for the setup design.

In this regard, I have a few ideas on how to tame your cables without spending a dime:

Bundle your cables with an old toilet paper roll

I’m just going to assume that there are rolls of toilet paper in your household. Old toilet paper rolls, for example, will help you organize and clean your cords. 

For this you put the cables through the tube and for the optimal effect, you cut the toilet paper roll again in the middle. 

gaming room

Then you can simply lift the bundle while vacuuming through it under your desk and easily clean up the mess.

This might not be the nicest solution for the visual design of your gameroom, but behind the desk the toilet roll won’t be seen anyway and besides you don’t have to spend a cent.

Use binding wires instead of cable ties

The next tip is especially for you if you have assembled your PC yourself. Because instead of cable ties you can also use binding wires.

These are often supplied with the purchase of computer power supplies and, unlike cable ties, can be easily opened and thus reused several times.

Lay the cables under the baseboards

If you want to run your cables over long distances and hide them, you don’t need to buy extra cable ducts, you can run the cables behind the skirting boards .

These are usually plugged or screwed on with a simple mechanism. Accordingly, the baseboards can be removed without any problems.

These were perhaps not the most visually appealing tips, but free. In my other post I’ll show you other ideas that cost a little bit, but there are really no cables to see afterwards!)

4. give your setup personality

gaming setup

Tastes differ on this aspect.

One side is firmly convinced that things that give a gaming setup personality also belong on the desk.

The other side believes that the desk should be kept as simple as possible.

Personally, I’m more of a proponent of the minimalist impersonal design, but can totally understand the opposing side. There are some really nice personal setups.

You can hang posters and pictures on the wall or put up action figures and cars, for example.

5.choose a suitable screensaver

When looking at a gaming room, the first thing you usually look at is the screensaver or desktop background of the monitor. That’s why you can have an enormous influence on the look of your setup by choosing a suitable background image.

On you will find very nice and free wallpapers for all kinds of themes.

gaming corner ideas

The screensaver fits perfectly with the pens in the flower pot!

6. build your setup symmetrically

As a rule, your gaming setup works best when two of the same things, such as stereo speakers, are placed symmetrically.

This is because our brain generally sees symmetrical shapes as more beautiful. Cars or tables, for example, are also always designed almost symmetrically.

But I also know of some configurations that were built asymmetrically and achieve their full effect precisely through this uneven arrangement. Therefore, it is best to try it out and judge spontaneously.

gaming room

7. decide on a colour scheme

In general, there are three visually appealing color options.

A setup based on one color

You choose a color and build your setup around that color. For example, you choose black as your color and then buy your monitor, PC, mouse, mouse pad, etc… all in black.

gambler room ideas

A color combination of two colors

This variation is one of my favorites. To do this, you decide on a color and then combine it with black, gray or white. It is important that the colors harmonize well with each other.

gaming lighting

And a setup with many different mixed colors

Normally, it takes a bit of getting used to when no uniform color scheme is used, but all the colors are mixed wildly.

But under certain circumstances it can also look very cool if all peripherals like mouse, keyboard, RGB lighting in the PC, etc… have a different color.

In this case you must not forget that there are not only the classic colors like red, blue, yellow, green, etc… but also different gradations.

For example, you can put together an impressive gaming room with a rainbow look.

gaming room furnishings

By @hey_birol on Instagram

Sync and corrections by n17t01

Now, if you’re still a color mess and just short on cash, definitely don’t buy new items just for looks. But remember this tip and if for some reason you need a new product, get this article in the right color.

More ideas guaranteed to improve your gaming room

Now that you already know some free tips and the most important planning criteria that always need to be considered when designing a perfect gameroom, I would like to introduce you to the individual areas of a perfect gaming room in more detail in the rest of this article, where the basic elements just mentioned should always be applied so that the entire gaming room is coherent with each other.

The areas include as mentioned at the beginning of the article, the furniture, the decoration, the lighting, gadgets, the PC or console and the gaming accessories.

For this, I will explain what makes each of these six points so important and also provide creative ideas and examples of how you can improve your setup in these areas.

The furniture - the foundation of your gaming room!

Each gaming room is based on the furniture. They form the foundation, so to speak, and are then supplemented by other small elements.

Among the most common pieces of furniture for gaming setups are the desk and a chair for PC gamers and the sofa for console owners. But besides that, there are some other furniture elements that can improve your gaming room. I would like to discuss all of this furniture in the following.

The desk

The desk should be as large as possible, so that you have as much space as possible on the tabletop and your setup does not look completely cluttered after all the gaming equipment is on the table.

If you don’t have a preference for a particular desk, it’s best to choose a plain white or wood-look model. The exciting accents you then set later simply with the lighting, the decoration or the technology.

But on the subject of gaming desks, I also wrote an article that you should definitely check out if you’re just looking for a new model.

The desk chair

The most important aspect for a desk chair is that it is comfortable. Here you have the choice between a classic office chair or a gaming chair.

If your choice is a classic office chair, I would choose a plain black model. However, if you want a gaming chair, you should think about what color scheme you want your gaming corner to be in before you buy.

Because a great advantage of these special chairs is that they are available in many colors and can therefore be purchased immediately as an eye-catcher in the matching color. The futuristic design supports the eye-catching colors and thus a gaming chair can not only convince through its ergonomics and comfort, but also aptly chosen as a decorative element to visually improve the setup.

The sofa

Especially if you often gamble with friends or family members, a large sofa is an advantage, as sofas are very comfortable and offer space for several people.

To choose the right model, you need to look at your space and plan in advance where you want the couch to end up. Therefore it is important to measure exactly how much space you have available.

As with the choice of desk, I would go back to a plain model for the sofa, but this time in black rather than white. If you like, you can always add colourful accents afterwards with cushions or blankets in different colours.

Gaming armchair

In addition to desk chairs and sofas, gaming chairs are another comfortable seating option for gaming.

To comfortable and practical gaming armchair include sound armchairs or multi-media armchairs, beanbags, recliners and playseats. In the following you will find a short summary of the five variants, otherwise I go in this article: gaming armchair again in more detail.

Sound armchair & multimedia armchair

Multimedia chairs have speakers that are integrated into the chair and can be paired with the console or smartphone, usually via Bluetooth.

With the speakers right next to your ears, you’ll have perfect sound while gaming.


Beanbags are armchairs filled with small balls that adjust to your body proportions when you sit in them, making them very comfortable.

For console owners, they are probably the best alternative to an expensive sofa. They are also very light, so they can be easily carried away when not in use and consequently they are flexible to use.

Relaxing chair

Relax armchairs or television armchairs have little to do with gaming at first, but these models are also excellent as gaming armchairs. They are more expensive than beanbags, but they are even more comfortable.

In fact, recliners are probably the most comfortable chairs you can get for console gaming!


For everyday use, these models are rather not suitable, unless you play exclusively racing or flight simulators, as playseats in combination with a steering wheel and pedals represent a simulator.

Accordingly, they are built to provide the most realistic driving experience possible, which is where they fall short in other games or when sitting normally.

As a result, playseats are more of an addition to your gaming setup if you enjoy racing games, but not a full replacement for a desk chair, sofa, or armchair.

Display cabinets, shelves and TV boards

To place decorative elements such as action figures or cars, display cases or shelves are very helpful.

Either you screw the shelf elements directly to the wall or you put your decoration in a glass showcase, where it is also protected from dust.

If you are gaming on a TV, a TV board is also a good way to put your TV down and position the console with controller and games underneath.

Acoustic mats

Acoustic mats not only help to improve the sound in your room, but they can also look great. They are available in different colors like classic black, but also in blue or red and can therefore brighten up your setup or provide contrasts.

But not only the contrasts through the different colours, especially the different surface structures of the acoustic mats lift your setup to a new level.

Because the surface structures look very futuristic and modern, which fits very well to the gaming style.

However, if you have problems with your neighbor or your family because you are supposedly too loud while gaming in your room, be sure to check out my article on the topic: Insulate your gaming room!

The gaming equipment

Next to the PC probably the most important point when it comes to a powerful gaming setup.

For Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch owners, this aspect is less relevant, as a controller combines mouse and keyboard alike, but the headset and monitor must also be chosen with care.

Since this article is about the visual design of gaming setups, I won’t go into what you need to look for when buying any gaming equipment like monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc…, but I do cover that topic in detail in this post on gaming accessories.

If you’re still not sure whether a gaming laptop, console or PC is the best fit for you, this article will certainly help you out, as you’ll learn all the pros and cons of the three most popular gaming platforms.

Here I would like to show you what to consider from a visual point of view when choosing your gaming equipment and if you don’t want to replace your peripherals, how you can set them in scene even better, so that your entire gaming room harmonizes better overall.

Mount a monitor bracket

Especially if you have two or more monitors, it is advisable to remove the stands and buy a wall mount or desk mount instead. The monitor mount should then be mounted centrally from the desk so that the screens can be arranged symmetrically.

This allows the cables of the screens to be laid invisibly behind the bracket under the desk. In addition, then only a stand is to be seen or with the wall mount even none. Accordingly, your gaming corner becomes more minimalistic again and consequently looks cleaner.

If you are mounting multiple monitors, it looks best if the top edges of the monitors are at the same height.

Get a long mouse pad

Also, it looks very nice if you use a long mouse pad for your gaming setup, on which the keyboard and the mouse can be positioned at the same time. On the one hand, this protects the desk and on the other hand, a long mouse pad again forms a nice contrast to the tabletop.

Get a headset holder

For the neat and space-saving storage of your headset, a headset holder is essential. This way, you no longer risk knocking the headset and everything around The Cable off your desk when you stand up suddenly.

Banana holders are just as suitable for this as normal headset stands.

If you can’t find a visually appealing headset mount for your gamer’s corner, look no further than a banana stand. In the fruit bowl you can then also accommodate things.

Use a controller mount

If you are a console gamer, putting your console on your desk may also work well for you. For the perfect accommodation of the controllers, then a controller holder offers itself.

You then position these in the middle of your desk so that your setup remains symmetrical. Usually, the mounts also double as a charging station for the controller.

Decoration for your gaming room

You can make a huge impact with small decorative elements. Which decorative elements are best suited for this, I show you in the following.

Decorate wall

Sure often less is more, but should your wall still be empty, your gameroom can quickly look very boring. Small wall elements like posters, pictures, wall tattoos, etc…. hardly cost anything and you can set beautiful contrasts.

Wall shelves

Of course, you can also mount small shelves on the wall and place action figures or racing cars or other decorative elements on them.

As you can see, you are very flexible here and accordingly you simply try out what suits your gaming setup best.

Gaming wall tattoo

Instead of pictures or gaming posters, you can also stick gaming wall tattoos or gamer wallpaper on your wall. If you look around a bit you will surely find some cool motifs for your gaming room.

Because the selection for this is really huge from Star Wars to Game of Thrones to Minecraft wall tattoos is everything.

If you are interested in this topic check out my gaming wall tattoo article!

Place plants

Plants are a great way to breathe life into your setup. Because plants make a nice contrast to the unnatural technology. If necessary, it can be artificial plants.

A tip: Plants come into their own much better with warm, yellowish background lighting.

gaming room ideas

Real plants

Artificial plants


Action Figures

action figur

Not only do action figures or race cars, etc… look great on a wall shelf, but they also look great on a desk.

If you can’t think of any figures that fit your setup right now, think about what your favorite game is movie, sport, etc… and look around the internet to see if you can find any cool figures to go with it.

You just have to be careful not to overdo it, otherwise the desk will quickly look cluttered.

You should also experiment a bit with where you place the action figures on your table, usually it looks best to have one figure to the right and one to the left of the monitor.

Consoles Stickers

Do you have an Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo Switch, you should definitely check out console stickers!

These can be bought in different variations and depending on the design you choose you can give your console for example a wooden look or an exclusive gaming design.

Matching the console, of course, the controllers can also be equipped with the stickers.

The lighting

To give your gaming setup some cool lighting, you don’t have to spend much money, and the effect is all the greater for it. It does not always have to be a colorful RGB lighting, but can also simply be a pleasant background lighting.

But indirect lighting should not be dispensed with in any case.

RGB backlight with LED strips

Subtle backlighting not only looks good, but also protects against physical harm.LEDs offer a wide range of color variations.

Led strips are an inexpensive way to give your setup a warm or modern atmosphere. Because meanwhile there are Led-Strips in many different colors, which can be changed simply by remote control.

I personally find using a warm backlight for my gaming room. In this regard, I bought this model* on Amazon, which I can only recommend for the low price.

Whether you use only a single light color or have several different effects change at regular intervals is completely irrelevant and depends on your taste.

Led strips are also beneficial for gaming or working. Your eyes tire quickly in poorly lit rooms. Which leads to headaches or difficulty concentrating. In this regard, a soft backlight is a good choice for your gaming setup.

Attaching the Leds is also quite simple. Mostly the LED strips have an adhesive strip on the back or are magnetic.

But when mounting it you have to make sure that you only use indirect lighting. For example, the Led-Strips are positioned at the back edge of the desk or behind the monitor so that you cannot look directly into the light. Otherwise the Leds are extremely unpleasant for your eyes by the glaring light.

Instead, you want the light to reflect off the wall or desk before it hits your eyes.

You should also not overdo it with the Leds. You don’t want your gaming corner to turn into a disco.

A tip: Do not only fix the LED strips with your own adhesive tape, but also buy a strong double-sided adhesive tape, otherwise the strips will come off quickly.


Nanoleafs are currently all the rage. These small LED elements are available in various colours and can be individually combined into a large LED element and hung on the wall due to their triangular shape.

However, thanks to the customization options in shape and color and the futuristic design, they look extremely impressive in any gaming setup.

Neon signs

Cool lettering or stylish shapes backed with colorful Leds make on the wall also really what.

But even with neon signs, they have to match your chosen setup style and not just be bought in haphazardly.

Vintage lamp

With fancy vintage lamps you give your gaming room a very special atmosphere. Especially the design of old lamps in combination with the modern technology of your gaming setup looks very good.

Lava lamp

Also lava lamps in the matching color to your chosen color style provide beautiful accents and improve your gaming setup enormously.

Classic desk lamp

gaming lighting

Classic desk lamps not only help you work, but can also serve as a pleasant light source to enhance your gaming space. However, they should be of the shape and colors to match your chosen style for your gaming room.

Gaming gadgets

One thing is for sure, gaming gadgets are not a must, but they increase the comfort of gaming extremely. That’s why I would like to introduce some cool gadgets below.

Mini fridge

Especially in summer, cool drinks are worth their weight in gold. To save yourself a trip to the kitchen and stay in the game with full focus, the purchase of a mini fridge is a good idea.

These models are almost silent and have room for a few 1.5L bottles. Moreover, they are still available in different variants so that there is a visually appealing device for everyone.

Table fans

Like mini fridges, table fans are a very useful gadget in the summer. When your room heats up to over 30 degrees at this time of year and the sweat is already on your forehead, table fans are your salvation.

They let the air circulate and provide a pleasant breeze for your face and body. You have the choice between models that are simply plugged in via USB port and models that are plugged into the wall socket.

Since table fans with USB connection have relatively little power and actually only achieve their effect when they are held directly in front of the face, the somewhat more expensive models with sockets are recommended.

Footrest + box

Another practical gadget is a padded box in which you can store your gaming equipment that you don’t need at the moment, and you can also use the box as a footrest.

Isn’t it nice to just sit back in your gaming chair, put your feet up and comfortably watch a series or Youtube videos when you’re not gaming and at the same time you have a box to store everything possible.

This is the best way to go about designing!

Now that you’ve gathered some inspiration for improving your gaming setup, the focus is on implementation. But the first question that usually comes up is: how and where do I best start decorating my room.

Therefore I have created a step by step guide for you to get the most out of your setup at the lowest price.

1. get an overview and create a plan

First get an overview of your current setup and write down what you are satisfied with and what you would like to improve.

To repeat: There are 3 different styles that your setup should be based on:

In order to have a better overview, you simply fold a sheet of paper in the middle once, so that a dividing line is created. Then you note down on one side the things that already fit well to your chosen style and on the other side the things that should be added or exchanged.

It could be anything, really. For example, if your keyboard is old and some keys are missing, write down in one column that you need a new keyboard. Or if you think plants would additionally improve your gameroom, make a note of that too.

2. determine and prioritize budget

If you still have a relatively old setup or you have a critical approach, the list is probably very long now. Therefore, the next step is to determine which equipment you need most urgently or which things will have the greatest effect in improving your room.

At the same time, it is also important that you set a budget for how much money you want to spend on the furnishings, so that you can better plan how much money you have to spend on what and so that you don’t run out of money in the end.


If you are on a tight budget, it is especially important to plan exactly what you want to spend your money on so that you don’t buy unnecessary things.

For this you have to distinguish how much money you want to spend for performance, i.e. for your PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc… and how much the actual design and thus the look of your gaming setup is worth to you.

3. TRY, TRY, TRY!!!

After you’ve bought all the things you need to set up your gaming room, it’s a matter of trying out how they work best together or where you put what things to make it look its best.

You can start by looking at the pictures of gaming setups that you like. But since every room looks different and has different components, the only thing that helps is to try it out until you like it.

Also, it’s a good idea for you to check out the free tips from the beginning of this article, as I’ve written there about basic aspects that will help improve any gameroom. Also, you should check out this article on how to set up a gaming room.


Of course, a large budget facilitates the design, but it is only a fraction, much more decisive is your passion, perseverance and above all creativity.

Plus, cool design elements are available in really every price range.

That’s why I hope I’ve been able to provide you with some good tips & inexpensive ideas that you can now apply directly to your gaming room.

Otherwise, I’d really love it if you left a comment with your thoughts on this post. Feel free to add any tips that I have forgotten.