Gaming armchair - Advisor &
Top models from 2021!

If your current chair is becoming uncomfortable in the long run, or if you’re simply looking for a stylish chair that will visually enhance your gaming setup, you should definitely check out gaming chairs.

Because these gamer chairs combine an extremely high comfort and a cool design. This way your back won’t hurt even after hours of gaming sessions and at the same time you have a futuristic piece of furniture that perfectly complements your gaming space.

However, with the huge selection of different models, it’s easy to lose track or it’s often not immediately clear what to look out for when buying, so I’ve summarised the top models and most important buying factors in this guide.

Sound chair


Sound armchairs are characterized by high seating comfort and excellent sound. Because there are speakers built into the chairs. In addition, other features such as Bluetooth or USB ports are often integrated alongside the speakers.

Thus, these gaming chairs can not only be used for gaming, but are also excellent for listening to music or watching movies and series.

With the help of the Bluetooth function, for example, you can easily pair your smartphone with the chair and then listen to music in comfort. And thanks to the built-in controls, the bass and volume can also be adjusted individually.

When listening to music, rocking to the beat is also completely unproblematic due to the special shape. The same goes for tipping while gambling to be able to relax. The required grip is also guaranteed on smooth tiles or parquet flooring.

Many models can also be easily folded, so the sound chair can be quickly stowed away when not in use. This is a great advantage, especially for small rooms, because the chair takes up little space when folded and can be moved easily due to its light weight.

If you go for the same model when buying sound armchairs, you can also combine the gamer armchairs. For this purpose, an RCA cable is usually used, which amplifies the sound.

You usually need the RCA cable if you want to connect the sound chair to your console. Because the PS4 doesn’t support Bluetooth audio devices, for example.



Beanbags are also very popular. They adapt to the body proportions when you put them in, which is due to the inner bag filled with small plastic balls.

When loaded, the small plastic balls are pressed to the side, which also creates the characteristic hole in the middle of a beanbag and the many folds.

Beanbags are excellent for gamers. They are super comfortable and cheaper than recliners. As a result, these gaming chairs are especially recommended for you if you are on a budget but still want to enjoy a high level of comfort.

Basically, beanbags can be divided into two groups: Models without backrest and models with backrest.

Beanbag without backrest

There are beanbags without backs that are the same size as regular beanbags with backs. These are the most favourable variants.

In addition, there are models in lying form. These beanbags have the largest surface area and are therefore usually found in XXL versions, in which there is so much space that you can even lie down completely.

However, these models are rather unsuitable for gaming, as you have to stretch your head upwards and forwards uncomfortably from a lying position in order to see the monitor at all. Consequently, these variants are more suitable for sleeping, but not for gaming on the console.

Variants with backrest

Standing beanbags or models with backrests are often reminiscent of a chair in terms of their shape, which allows the maximum height to be reached when sitting.

Nevertheless, these variants are not suitable for gaming on the PC with mouse and keyboard, because the seat height is still too low and permanent upright sitting without a firm backrest quickly becomes uncomfortable.

For gaming at the console, however, standing beanbags have the optimal shape. Especially since you can lean back and relax while still having a clear view of the TV or monitor.

Important factors when buying a beanbag

The filling and the stitching are decisive for the quality when choosing the right model.

The finer the filling, the more comfortable the beanbag feels. Because this way you feel the filling less and the surface nestles better to the body at the same time.

You also need to be aware of the finish of the seams, as these areas can withstand the least amount of stress and can therefore burst open quickly. What can be very problematic under circumstances, if the whole mini balls roll out. But normally the ball is again separated from the cover in a separate bag.

Of course, there is also the question of whether you prefer a variant in which you sink in completely or whether you prefer a variant on which you can sit relatively firmly.

Depending on how you choose, your preferred model must contain either many or few bullets. Usually you already know at the time of purchase whether it is a firm or soft form, but often you can refill balls later and thereby achieve your desired stability.

However, you must be careful when refilling the balls. Because if the bag is filled with too many balls and the workmanship is not right, but you throw yourself with your whole weight into the beanbag, the seams can burst. Or it can be deformed more.

Put an additional blanket on the beanbag. This way you don’t feel the folds and sitting becomes even more comfortable.

Lastly, I have listed common questions about beanbags.

My beanbag smells like plastic, what can I do?

Often bean bags smell like plastic when they are freshly delivered. Then you should put the beanbag outside in good weather. In the fresh air, the smell of plastic dissipates relatively quickly.

How do cats react to beanbags?

Each cat has a different character, so there is no general answer to this question. However, according to my research, many cat owners report that their pets love to cozy up on the beanbag. However, it seems extremely unlikely that the cats will scratch the fabric completely.

If you provide ample scratching opportunities, cats should keep their claws off the delicate surface.

However, to minimize the risk, it is advisable to buy an outdoor beanbag. In other words, a model that is suitable for outdoors and therefore has a higher resistance.

How can I clean my beanbag?

First, you should read through the cleaning instructions. If you didn’t get cleaning instructions when you bought your gaming chair, check with the manufacturer of your product.

If the manufacturer doesn’t give an accurate answer, or doesn’t answer at all, I would use a slightly damp rag and a bit of detergent to gently polish the surface.

Often you can simply separate the cover from the beanbag and put it in the washing machine.

Can I use an indoor beanbag outdoors?

This should not be a problem provided you put it on your terrace or balcony. I wouldn’t put it in the lawn, though, because indoor beanbags aren’t very sturdy.

But logically you have to bring the beanbag indoors overnight and when it rains. In addition, you should not put it outside regularly, otherwise the indoor beanbag will wear out quickly.

However, one problem that can occur in sunshine is the following. The coating could fade from the UV rays and lose its vibrant colors.

Relax chair/ Massage chair

gaming chair

Relaxing armchairs or television armchairs are more at home in living rooms and are used for watching television, but are also excellent as gaming armchairs for gaming.

The recliners offer the highest comfort while sitting among the gaming chairs. Unfortunately, the quality is also reflected in the price. For a good model, you usually have to invest at least 300 euros and there are no limits in sight upwards.

The materials used, such as genuine leather or imitation leather, and the gadgets available, such as a massage function, are mainly responsible for the different price ranges.

But for a gamer, the premium over a massage chair is usually not worth it. Instead, a model that is comfortable to sit on will suffice, and in some circumstances a shelf for the feet is also very pleasant.

In addition, the backrest should be adjustable so that the chair can be adapted to your individual needs.

The upholstery and the cover are responsible for a high seating comfort. Accordingly, the materials used for this purpose should be of high quality.

However, since you cannot test the described factors yourself when you order on the Internet, you should read the customer reviews before buying.

Playseats or car seats


With the purchase of a Playseat and matching steering wheel with pedals you can create your own racing simulator.

Consequently, Play Seats are especially for you if you like to play racing games or car simulators. But also airplane simulators can be gambled excellently thanks to the special construction.

But what can be quickly overlooked when buying is the fact that the Playseats come without a pedal and steering wheel. These two components must be purchased separately. But that’s also an advantage, because you don’t have to worry about whether you have an Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Switch, or PC when choosing a racing chair.

Generally, people are quick to refer to a Playseat instead of a car seat/racing chair, but Playseat is just the brand. You can think of it like the term “tempo” for handkerchief, for example.

This Zockersessel variants is certainly not a solution for all computer games, but only for car and plane games. For this reason, playseats are only an addition to your gaming setup and another gaming chair is therefore additionally mandatory.

Decisive criteria when buying

Especially with this gaming chair variant it is worth spending more money. This is because the car seats are subjected to a great deal of stress when playing racing games.

Cheaper models often have inaccurate holes, which makes assembly much more difficult and stability suffers. Then the backrests crack and creak constantly during use, the paint chips off, lettering comes off or individual parts even bend.

The pedal bracket, for example, must be extremely stable, as it is constantly subjected to large forces when clutching and accelerating and braking.

Also the upholstery is often inferior with cheap variants and thus comfortable sitting is impossible.

Also, the play seat must be easily adjustable so that you can adjust the distance between your feet and the pedals to your exact height so that you can steer your car with ease.

The same applies to the backrest. This should also be able to be adjusted quickly, as not everyone has arms of the same length and you can easily reach the steering wheel.

Since you only use your Playseat to play racing or flight simulators, the racing chair should fold up quickly and easily so that it can be replaced by your desk chair or simply make more space available again.

Matching steering wheel and pedals for your Playseat

Gaming chairs

gaming chair

Lastly, there is the gaming chair. Which I would rather leave this one off the list. It is true that gaming chairs are great for gaming on the PC with mouse and keyboard at the desk.

If you’re currently looking for a new desk, check out this post of mine about gaming desks. There you are guaranteed to find a suitable model.

However, it is much more comfortable to lean back in a real armchair and put your feet up, which is only possible with a controller. Consequently, gaming chairs are particularly suitable for console gamers.

In contrast to gaming on the PC with mouse and keyboard, gaming chairs are not optimally suited for gaming on the console or are not as chill. However, if you have problems getting up from a low sitting position, as is the case with sound chairs, play seats or bean bags, gaming chairs could be an excellent alternative.

Because you do not have to struggle forever from the low position upwards when you want to stand up, but sit upright in the chair.

Even if a gaming chair doesn’t sound or look nearly as comfortable as, say, a sound chair or beanbag chair at first glance, the new models have several features that drastically increase comfort while gaming.

Gaming chairs are extremely ergonomically built unlike regular desk chairs, making them perfect for long gaming sessions. Besides standard features like height adjustability, examples of features that increase the comfort of gaming chairs include cushions that are attached between the lower spine and chair back and the neck and upper chair back, or flexible armrests and chair backs that can be adjusted almost 90 degrees backwards so that you can almost lie down in the chair.

Advantages of gaming chairs

The biggest and most obvious advantage is the convenience factor. But gamblers chairs have many other advantages that may not be apparent at first glance.

On the one hand, a gaming chair can not only be used for gaming, it is also excellent for watching movies, series or television in general. Soundchairs also give you the option of listening to stereo sound directly from the chair’s integrated speakers, which can often even be paired via Bluetooth with your mobile phone, for example.

Moreover, these special chairs also leave a lasting impression on the onlooker and can thus enhance your gaming setup visually significantly. Especially the futuristic design of soundchairs and the unusual shape of beanbags are real eye-catchers.

Furthermore, the high mobility and flexibility is a great advantage. Since most gaming chairs can be folded or are very small anyway, they are very easy to store away when not in use.

At the same time, the gaming chairs are also quite light in comparison to a sofa and can thus be flexibly transported to the room where they are needed at the moment. For example, if friends or acquaintances are visiting, the gaming chair can be brought into the living room without any problems and thus complement the couch, so that all people can find a comfortable place.

Buying guide for gamblers chair

First you should measure your individual data like height or weight. Because these two sizes are the only factors that can limit you when choosing a model.

With all other criteria like the design, the comfort or the gadgets you have free choice and therefore nothing stands in the way of your personal wishes.

The most important thing is that the armchair is water repellent. Especially if you like to have drinks while gambling. Because it can always happen that a soft drink spills over the cover.

Then it is advantageous to be able to clean the gaming chair easily and a good cleaning process is less effective with a dry cloth. In addition, it is generally very difficult to remove the spilled drinks and the associated stains if the liquid has already got into the fabric. In this case, water resistant gaming chairs are golden.

Because not only do the different materials feel and look different, but they also affect how much air gets to your back when you’re seated in the gaming chair.

Especially during the hot summer days, the material used for the cover and the air permeability associated with it play a decisive role. For example, if you sit down in a leather or faux leather chair in high temperatures, your T-shirt will quickly stick to the chair. With fabric, on the other hand, the warm air between the backrest and the body can escape more easily, as fabric is more permeable to air than leather and you sweat less.

However, leather is more hygienic than fabric. This is because the fabric also absorbs more sweat due to the higher air permeability, which then slowly evaporates again.

In addition, leather is much easier to wipe clean.

UV resistance should also be considered. Your gaming chair should not be constantly exposed to the sun’s rays, otherwise the cover will constantly fade due to the sun’s rays.


Since there is no proper definition of a gaming chair, the main thing is that the model is comfortable. You have the choice between sound armchair, beanbag, playseat, relax armchair or gaming chair.

To make sure that your chosen model is of high quality, you simply have to consider the factors described in the article.

Each variant also has other advantages. Consequently, you should also consider exactly what is important to you in addition to high comfort.

If you are clear about the features that your gaming chair should have and at the same time consider the quality factors, then nothing will stand in your way when choosing your gaming chair and you are guaranteed to make a good decision.

If you’re still unsure, I recommend checking out the models I listed in this post. While I haven’t tested all of these myself, I have done some research online to find out exactly what the quality of each product is.