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Top models from 2021!

An excellent gaming desk features ample space, a sleek look, easy assembly, good workmanship and neat cable management solutions.

Nevertheless, there are serious differences between the products on the market.

I provide information on what to look for when buying so you can find the desk that fits your individual needs exactly.

If you just want to know the top models quickly and don’t care about the “why”, I’ve listed them for you right below this paragraph.

Checklist: Good Gaming Desk!

If you want to have fun with your gaming desk in the long run, then it should have these qualities:

The top 5 gaming desks 2021!

1. SONGMICS computer desk

Product data:

The first table comes from the company SONGMICS. The table is available in black and white and is perfect for gaming. This is a corner table.

Due to the large shape there is also room for other things besides the setup. For example, you can put a laptop next to it. But there is also enough room for multiple monitors, which is essential for gamers.

Underneath the top there is a shelf where you can put notes or the keyboard when not in use, for example. This tray can also be extended, which is a good feature that can also be extremely useful for gamers.

There is also a stand for the tower under the corner, so it doesn’t interfere with gaming. Under the table is also some space to put for example a trash can or a footrest.

The price is around 85€ which is extremely justified for the table. Due to the well-developed design, the table can also be easily assembled and is then immediately ready for use.

2. trust GXT 711 Dominus

Product data:

The manufacturing company of this table, Trust, has also been present in the gaming sector for a long time and has thus already gained the corresponding experience. Thus, this table also testifies to high quality and quality.

This specimen is a desk of normal size. It is not a corner desk and so this has space when there is little space available. However, this makes it difficult to set up many monitors.

Two monitors are possible on this table, but then there is almost no space left for other things like speakers or the like. Therefore, one is well served with only one monitor. So this table is not aimed at professional gamers, as they very often need more than just a monitor.

The table is only available in black and a special set even includes a gaming chair. The rear of the table has a bulge so that cables can be easily routed. the front there is a special shelf for headphones and on the right there is even a holder for bottles.

The price of around 155€ is therefore completely justified and an easy assembly is also guaranteed here. In addition, even two stickers are included to optimally individualize the desk.

3. robas lund sydney III

Product data:

This table is not a classic desk. Nevertheless, it can be used for gaming without any problems. The design is kept very simple and fits into any environment.

The only available colour, white, also harmonises well with the rest of the interior. This table is available in three different sizes, with each table having a different look. Even if the setup is not completely geared towards gaming, the table is an optimal choice, as it also offers a certain transition between gaming and office.

The smallest model is suitable for children or generally smaller people. The table of medium size is suitable for all and even a cable outlet is included.

The largest of the bunch is another 10 centimetres wider and also offers optimum comfort when playing. However, has no cable grommet. There is enough space for several monitors and speakers have room in any case. Even a slightly larger mouse pad is possible, because the surface has a sufficient size.

While it is not a corner desk, there is enough storage space for many things. The price varies depending on the size, but all three models are under 200 euros. So the Robas Lund Sydney III is suitable for people who are not only into gaming, but also want to get work done.

4. arozzi arena game table

Product data:

This is once again a classic gaming table. This one is available in a wide range of colours such as black, green, red and many more, so it will harmonise with any environment.

The table can be adjusted in terms of height and there are also three recesses in the table for cables. There is a special pocket under the table where any cables can be stored. At the front, the table is slightly semi-circular towards the inside so that you can get even closer to the action.

But the main feature of this table is undoubtedly the mouse pad. The whole table top is covered with it and so you don’t get any problems with a too small mouse pad. The table offers space for three monitors without encountering space problems.

Priced at under €300, it’s perfect for gamers who are already serious about their hobby. But the table is also well suited for other work and can of course be used for this purpose.

5. living orama gaming table

Product data:

This table from Wohnorama is a gaming table that couldn’t be more specialized for it. This desk offers plenty of surface area, making it perfect for a large setup.

The slab is divided into two layers, with a difference in level of about ten centimetres. There is room for three monitors on the higher panel on the wall, which is essential for professional gamers.

There is room for a large keyboard and mouse on the slightly smaller, front panel. For streamers or youtubers, there is also room for a microphone or camera.

However, the “legs” on the left and right also have functions. The right includes two drawers to store any gaming accessories. On the left you can find a recess for a PC tower.

Above these “legs” there is also a small plate on which you can put speakers or similar things.

In addition, the table is equipped with LED strips at the back.

It should be noted, however, that the table is aimed exclusively at gamers. So if you also want to do other work at your desk, there is no more space available. An additional desk is then required here.

However, the price of currently 299 Euros is extremely justified when you consider what kind of table you get for it.

What to look for when buying a gaming desk?

Which gaming table is right for you shouldn’t be a long, agonizing decision. To make things easy and help you know what to look for when buying, I’ve put together the most important buying factors.

The three most important aspects to consider when buying a desk are the size of the room or the space available in the room, the budget and the finish of the desk.

In addition, the individual wishes are certainly not to be neglected. Essential aspects that need to be considered for personal concerns such as height adjustability of the desk, cable management, design, material etc… will of course be explained in detail later in the article.

Analyze room size & find space for the gaming desk

It’s important that you have room to gamble. You should be able to store all your gaming accessories. Of course, it depends on the available room size and space. After all, not every gaming table fits in every room and not every space lends itself to its positioning.

Find the best place for your gaming desk

Before you buy a gambling table, you should know where you can place the table. For this, you should find the right spatial position.

For example, if you place the table so that you can look out the window, this can distract you from the game.

However, if the desk is positioned in the room so that the sunlight falls directly on the screen, you may not be able to see much of the game.

For example, the sunlight may fall on the screen if you have positioned the gaming desk so that you sit with your back to the window. With the sun behind you or on your screen, it’s hard to concentrate on the game.

And when it becomes too strenuous to focus on the screen, tired eyes and headaches are inevitable.

It is advisable that you place the gaming table so that it is at a right angle to a room window.

Get an overview of the equipment

After you know where you want to set up the desk, it’s important to get an overview of all the equipment so that all the peripherals are accommodated.

A PC desk for gamers should provide space for the PC tower, a monitor or several monitors, speakers, mouse and keyboard. Many gamers have additional equipment, such as a microphone, LEDs, pen holders and writing utensils.

Depending on the PC size and PC variant, the PC can also be placed on the table if the gaming desk is large enough. Consequently, you should think about exactly what things should ultimately find space on the tabletop.

When choosing a desk, the larger the work surface, the better.

Advantages of a large gaming desk

The optimal dimensions


At best 80 cm to achieve the minimum distance between monitor and eyes.


Individual needs are decisive, but most models are 120 cm or 160 cm wide.


Rough guide: So that the armrests lie horizontally on the tabletop when sitting upright.


For the perfect depth of a desk, the width of the monitor and the keyboard obviously play an important role, but a minimum distance of 80 cm should not be undercut, so that health is certainly not endangered by a too small distance between monitor and eyes.


As mentioned before, I would choose a desk that is as large as possible. Accordingly, a width of at least 160 cm is recommended.

Above all, the size of the monitors and loudspeaker boxes must be taken into account. This is because the speaker cabinets should be placed as symmetrically as possible, which would be to the left and right of the monitors in stereo models.


Besides depth, the height of a gaming desk is the most important aspect to ensure the healthiest gaming experience possible.

Since not everyone is the same size, there is no general value for this. However, the arms and the table top should be horizontal to each other with the body in an upright position. Because this minimizes the likelihood of tension and poor posture.

Here is a table where you can orientate yourself, with the body height on the left and the height on the right:

150 cm – 62 cm
155 cm – 64 cm
160 cm – 66 cm
165 cm – 68 cm
170 cm – 70 cm
175 cm – 72 cm
180 cm – 74 cm
185 cm – 76 cm
190 cm – 78 cm
195 cm – 80 cm
200 cm – 82 cm


The table only provides guidelines, the most important thing is of course your own well-being.

Since most models have a height of 72 cm, it is particularly suitable for smaller people to buy height-adjustable desks or to exchange the desk legs. If you’re taller, you can always put something underneath.

There are also many table legs with mechanisms that can be individually adjusted in height by hand.

The right budget for the gaming desk

If the right place is found, then price can be the limiting factor. Basically, there are three ways to purchase a gaming desk besides buying a new model: Assemble it individually, buy it used, and assemble it yourself.

Gaming table customize

If you are willing to pay a higher price, it is a good idea to put together a desk according to your own ideas. On the Internet there are shops that offer configurators with the help of which a gaming desk can be put together according to one’s own ideas.

The configurator is normally 3D optimized and thanks to a 360° camera the design can be seen from all sides. In addition, the design possibilities are almost unlimited.

Save money with used gaming tables

If you don’t want to spend money on a new gaming table, but are looking for a gaming table for your needs at a low price, then a used one may be the solution. You can find corresponding offers on eBay or eBay classifieds. Other internet sites can also offer used goods.

However, before buying used goods, it is advisable to test the condition carefully. Furthermore, the seller should be asked specifically about the sturdiness of the desk and the mounting options.


If you are handy, you can also assemble a desk yourself. This has two big advantages, on the one hand you can adjust the table exactly to your needs and on the other hand you save a lot of money.

There is also the possibility to buy a cheap used product and restore it yourself or to spice up your own desk optically.

On the Internet you will find numerous do-it-yourself sites that provide instructions and tips. There are top notch videos on Youtube in particular, such as the following:

Good quality for long-term fun at the gaming desk

Once the budget is fixed, it is important to find the model with the best price-performance ratio. In this respect, quality plays a decisive role.


Accordingly, when buying a gaming table, be sure to look for high-quality workmanship. The desk should not have any sharp edges.

If you choose wood as the material, then the wood should not have any chipping. Glass and plastic materials should not have cracks and scratches in the material.

If there are drawers, they must be easy to pull out.


Furthermore, stability is another important factor when it comes to the quality of a desk. The table should not wobble and be stable in itself.

To ensure this factor, you should inquire if all the parts and screws are reliably included.
Likewise, the side walls and the table top should not bend under load.

The best way to check these aspects is to take a look at the reviews of the respective model.

Load capacity or table top

A thick table top has two big advantages, firstly the desk has a higher load capacity and secondly LED strips can be better attached to the edges.

Of course, the load capacity depends not only on the thickness of the table top, but also on the material used. But I will go into this in more detail later in the article.

The tabletop must be able to easily withstand all the equipment, especially the monitors have a lot of weight. If, under certain circumstances, there is even room for a heavy PC on the desk, the load-bearing capacity must of course be much higher.

In addition, it happens with some gamers that they are quite freaked out, then can be already once violently hit on the table. Accordingly, the gaming desk must be able to withstand these situations.

If you want to buy the tabletop separately, you can choose a sturdy countertop from the kitchen category. Kitchen countertops are usually resilient and scratch resistant. However, sturdy, scratch-resistant kitchen countertops are often more expensive than traditional desk countertops.

The right design for the gaming desk

You are not bound to a certain look when choosing a gaming table. There are no rules as to exactly what a gaming table should look like. The design and use is entirely up to you. So you can adapt the design perfectly to your gaming room.

Table shape

The PC table is available in different versions. For example, you can choose between U-shaped, L-shaped and round tables. You can also get a gaming table in the form of a corner desk. Standard and compact desks are also available in the gaming table range. Commonly used are L-shaped gaming tables as well as standard and compact tables.

When choosing the right gaming table, you should pay attention to the spatial conditions and determine the shape accordingly, so that the table top is as large as possible. Besides that, it’s up to your own taste.

For example, if you want to use multiple monitors, then an L-shaped model or a large U-shape is advantageous. Small compact variants and standard models might be overwhelmed with multiple monitors.

You only have one monitor you want to use? Then surely a smaller table, like a compact table or a standard table, can suffice for your needs.

However, if you have the space for a large gaming table, then it is advisable to go for the larger version as well. Because with a large gaming desk you have the possibility to expand your equipment without having to pay much attention to the available space.

Angled or corner desks

To make the most of the space available, a corner desk is the ideal solution.

Corner desks are often available in L-shape or V-shape. Either with storage compartments and drawers on one side or on both sides with complete legroom.

corner desk

Rectangular desk

rectangular desk

This form is the most common variant. There are good reasons for this, because these models fit perfectly into any room thanks to their shape. Whether in the corner or in the middle of the room adjacent to a cupboard, this variant adapts to the conditions everywhere.

Square shape

The square desk is particularly suitable for rooms where space is at a premium. Like rectangular versions, these models can be excellently integrated into any room thanks to their rectangular shape.

square writing table


kidney shaped desk

If you prefer round rather than square shapes, you should take a look at kidney-shaped desks. These models are very eye-catching and feature an elegant design.

On the other hand, the curves of the table top do not fit so well into the room. As a result, it is difficult to connect this variant to other gaming furniture or walls and the full effect is often only brought to bear in the centre of a room.

Freeform table

Free-form tables do not have a specific shape and are usually asymmetrical in design. In these models, the tabletop often has curves and corners in a combined form.

gaming table

Other forms

In addition to the aforementioned forms, there are other desk variants, but they are not very common.

On the one hand there is the trapezoid table, which can be combined with other trapezoid tables to form flexible table groups or to gamble alone.

In addition, arched models are also partially represented. However, these desks are characterized by a very high price. This is due to the special and complex shape.

Table legs

The table feet are largely responsible for the stability of a gaming desk. In addition, they are decisive for the design with the table top.

I have listed the six most common models below:

gaming desk


gambler table

Skid frame

moll writing table


writing table small


roller desk


roller desk


Material for the gaming desk

You can choose between models made of wood, decor, veneer, plastic, glass or steel. The material determines the stability and the design of the table and has an influence on the total price.

Solid wood

solid wood writing table

Desks made of solid wood were very common in the past because there were no other materials that had such good properties as wood.

Nowadays, solid wood is mostly replaced by decor or veneer, which I will also discuss later in the article.

Nevertheless, solid wood is characterized by a top stability and leaves a very high-quality impression on the viewer.

In addition, solid wood ensures a pleasant room climate by absorbing water when humidity is too high and releasing it again when humidity is low. One also speaks of the fact that wood breathes.

However, this advantage can also become a disadvantage if a liquid such as a glass of water leaks. Because then stains or ugly edges quickly form on the table surface if you don’t wipe dry early enough.

In addition, solid wood is very easy to work with. Consequently, it lends itself to building your own gaming desk. The most popular types of wood are oak, spruce, beech and pine.

These were the biggest pros and cons in detail, below are more positive and negative aspects of solid wood desks in short form.



Veneers and decor

When buying a veneer or decorative table, you need to make sure that the corners and edges are tight. The edges must not break or chip easily, as there is only MDF or chipboard under the thin decor or veneer layer.

I will show you the difference between decor and veneer in the following.


Desks made of decor are usually chipboard or MDF boards covered with a special plastic. Nevertheless, at first glance these variants look like solid wood, which is due to the modern printing technology.

If you look into this topic, you will inevitably come across the melamine layer. This is a water-resistant material made of synthetic resin and plastic, which has proven to be very suitable for gaming desks.

Furthermore, you should think twice about buying a black, glossy desk, because during gaming sessions you often have a snack or two.

Consequently, you quickly get greasy fingers and fingerprints on a glossy black tabletop are super easy to see. The same applies to accumulating dust. Thus, these varieties of desks need to be cleaned much more often.




Like decorative desks, veneer desks are largely made of chipboard or MDF. However, chipboard or MDF boards are not covered with a plastic but with a thin layer of wood.

Accordingly, veneer tables are the number one and most suitable from an environmental perspective. Wood chips, from which chipboard is made, are a waste product of wood production and are therefore available in unlimited quantities. And from a tree trunk of the length of 2.40 m and 0.50 m diameter 300 square meters of veneer can be produced, according to the test of




computer desk

A plastic desk, for example, is available in small, mobile versions. The plastic table is lightweight and can be set up quickly.

If you are a gamer who travels frequently and would like to use your own sturdy gaming table elsewhere, then a plastic table is certainly ideal.

Although the term “plastic desk” is not initially associated with top quality and an appealing design, plastic gaming desks are now often available in visually appealing variants.

The table top is usually not made of plastic, but of a lacquered MDF board. On the other hand, the design elements that distinguish many gaming tables are often made of plastic.




writing table glass

Glass desks offer a futuristic and modern design. However, most glass tables are not only made of glass, but the substructure is often made of another material, such as steel or wood.

As a PC desk for gamers, a glass desk is often not used because the glass material is prone to fingerprints and it needs to be cleaned frequently.

Furthermore, the light is often reflected on the glass surface, which is very unpleasant for the eyes in the long run. Only on frosted glass are the fingerprints not so easy to see and the reflections less annoying.

Despite the high compressive strength of the material, glass tables can quickly crack due to their low tensile strength or, in the worst case, even break completely and splinter. In this regard, the tabletop should have a thickness of at least 10 mm.

To minimize this safety risk, laminated glass tables are often integrated with a film and the glass is also heat treated. Or the models are made of safety glass.

Consequently, glass tables are also not for ragers. Because a firm blow with a solid object, the glass table often does not forgive.




white writing table

Steel, like glass, looks very futuristic and modern. As a rule, gaming desks made entirely of steel are not so common, however, as they give off a very cold atmosphere. Nevertheless, desks made of steel are very scratch-resistant and extremely stable.

However, stainless steel in combination with wood combines a warm ambience with modern design. The substructure consists of stainless steel legs and the tabletop of solid wood, decor or veneer.



Cable management and organisation systems

A gaming desk is also characterized by a good cable management system, which is either already included from the beginning or can be easily retrofitted. In addition, plenty of storage space for the gaming equipment is often of great importance.

Cable management

cable management

Gamers usually use wired keyboards and mice. Then there are the PC and monitor cable connections. Therefore, under the desk and on the desk can be numerous cables.

The flood of cables requires a good cable management system. So you have the possibility to keep order under the table and don’t run the risk of stepping on PC cables or accidentally pulling them out of the PC during the game.

For this purpose, gaming tables are commercially available that offer cable management and even have integrated multiple sockets. As a result, PC, keyboard, monitor and mouse cables can be conveniently stored in the cable management system without the fear of cable clutter. The PC tables usually have the filing system under the table.

Such a system can make the gaming desk more expensive. If you don’t want to spend extra money on a PC table with a tidy system, but would rather buy a cheap gaming table without cable management, then you can keep things tidy yourself.

For example, you can attach several clips under the desk to route the cables. You can also use cable rails or cable ducts to get flexible cable routing.

They can be purchased cheaply in stores and can be used to store PC cables neatly. Furthermore, the cable hoses are flexible and can be used under the table or on the table. Additional accessories such as mountable sockets or mouse bungees are also available in stores.

Mouse bungees allow you to secure the cable of your mouse so that it doesn’t get tangled or under tension. With the installable or mountable multiple sockets, you can ensure that the power cables no longer run across the floor. Cable ties can also help you get rid of the cable mess.

But I go into that in more detail in this post about cable mangament . There you will find seven tips for desk cable management

Drawers and shelves

A top gaming table gives you quick accessibility to your gaming paraphernalia. Gaming tables are usually designed to provide specific places for keyboard, mouse, headset as well as tower.

This allows you to organize your gear on a gaming desk so that you can focus only on gaming and quickly operate equipment when needed.

If you also use gaming consoles at your desk in addition to your PC, then the gaming table should offer appropriate storage space.

If the gaming table doesn’t have enough drawers and shelves from the start to hold your gaming accessories or work items such as notebooks, pads, notebooks, pens, and other office supplies, you can purchase matching drawers or shelves separately.

Height adjustable gaming desks

As a gamer, you spend a lot of time at your desk. But the body is not naturally designed for sitting for hours. Consequently, doctors warn against spending so much time sitting at a desk, as this can lead to increased back pain, neck tension, spinal problems, fatigue, concentration problems and depression.

Accordingly, height-adjustable gaming desks are recommended. With the help of the height-adjustable mechanism, you can work and gamble alternately standing up and sitting down.

The simpler the mechanism, the easier it is to change the table height. However, the complexity of the mechanism is also reflected in the price. There are simple mechanically adjustable models and more expensive height adjustable desks with electric motors.

At the same time, the cable guides prevent the cables from being overstretched and tearing the mouse or keyboard off the table, for example.

Below you will find a video about the experience of using a height adjustable desk for gaming!

The model presented in the video serves only as an illustration.

Use multiple desks

If you haven’t found the right model for your needs yet, a few tips can help you create the perfect gaming space.

For example, if you can’t find a model that fits the size of your room, or you’re looking for a corner desk but it’s not available in a version that suits you, then combine several desks.

By combining several models you can create your ideal gaming table. For example, you can combine a small and a large one and make the most of the room size. You can also set up a small corner desk and add two more models at a time to extend the work surface.

There are also different model versions of an article available in the gaming sector. For example, you can combine a large gaming desk, which offers you a lot of storage space, with a small version without drawers. For example, if you set up two models at right angles to each other, you get a large work surface.

You can combine and place the pieces of furniture according to your wishes. You don’t have to rely on any regulations for gaming desks. Let your imagination run wild.

Just make sure that you don’t cover any shelves or drawers when combining several pieces of furniture. Because you should be able to store your gaming accessories freely accessible.

Tips for assembling the gaming desk

Desks made of wood and glass materials are usually purchased and delivered in individual parts. Some parts may already be pre-assembled. In most cases, however, it is necessary to build up the article.

If you have not bought the table with assembly and installation as a service, but want to assemble it yourself, then you should look for a table that is easy to assemble.

On the Internet, reviews of each item can give an indication of the complexity of the assembly. Generally, the larger the product, the more effort it can take to set up.

For large and heavy gaming desks, you should seek help for the assembly and not assemble the item on your own. Still, you shouldn’t sacrifice the size you want because the setup is complicated.

Once the gaming table is finally set up, it pays to purchase the right size and the model you want.

Body-friendly positioning of the components on the gaming desk

A gamer usually sits at their desk for long periods of time and should pay special attention to their shoulder and back health. If you repeatedly remain in a position that is strenuous for the shoulder and back muscles, you risk orthopaedic problems.

To prevent such problems in the long term, you should pay attention to your sitting position and other factors. Factors that are important for the right gaming position include, for example, screen, chair, desk height, keyboard and mouse.

Gaming table - screen position

If you are sitting straight in front of the screen, the top of the screen should be at eye level. The right screen position makes it easier for you to read and play. At the same time, the spine is not unnecessarily stressed.

Height-adjustable screens, gaming desks and chairs are recommended to achieve the right screen position. If you don’t have adjustable chairs, tables or screens, you can also use paper or books to adjust the position of the screen. Printer paper or books can simply be placed under the screen.

The perfect screen position does not only include the screen height. The distance to the screen is also important. If the screen is about an arm’s length away from your face, then that is sufficient. It is advisable not to sit too close to the screen in order to protect the eyes.

At the same time, you should choose the font size on the screen so that you do not have to bend over unnecessarily to read something on the screen. Constant leaning forward or a frequent bent-over posture can damage shoulder and back muscles.

Height adjustable office chairs are an advantage

Office chairs must meet certain ergonomic standards and are usually height adjustable. Furthermore, the chairs are designed to protect the lumbar area.

In addition to standard office chairs that already offer good ergonomics, there are also gaming chairs, such as those from DxRacer, that are best suited to the needs of gamers. Chairs, whether gaming or office, should be adjusted so that your feet are on the floor and don’t have to tilt to the side.

It is also advisable to properly adjust the backrest in the back area. Your back should be straight when you play. If you like to be comfortable while playing, then you can choose an office chair that has a backrest that can rock backwards.

Perfect desk height

It’s important to find the optimum desk height so that you don’t put too much strain on your shoulder and back muscles while playing. You are sitting at a desk in the ideal position when you can rest your forearms straight on the desk, your shoulder muscles are relaxed and your back is straight.

The upper arms must not be stretched away from the body. If the gaming table is not adjustable, then you can use the office or gaming chair to set the perfect position. A height-adjustable table is nevertheless advisable.

Keyboard and mouse

Gaming keyboards and mice tend to be larger than traditional office keyboards. Therefore, compact desks with extendable keyboard tops are only suitable to a limited extent. The panel should be large enough for a gaming keyboard and gaming mouse.

You can also put the controls for your gaming computer on your desk. In general, the length of the arm should be taken into account when positioning the keyboard and mouse correctly.

Your upper arms should not have to be stretched out or pulled back much to reach the keyboard and mouse. If the mouse and keyboard are too close or too far away, you risk damaging your posture in the long run. But it’s best to test it out and then decide according to your personal comfort level.

Conclusion about gaming desks

Gaming tables are commercially available in many varieties. You have the choice between various shapes and sizes. Furthermore, you can choose between the materials glass, wood and plastic.

A desk made of glass looks good, but needs more cleaning than variants made of wood. Wood is a robust material that is often processed into a desk in the form of chipboard. Products made of plastic are available in smaller versions for gamblers. The advantage of the plastic version is the light overall weight and thus the high mobility.

In addition, gamer desks can be purchased with useful features. You have the choice between models with various drawers and shelf systems. Furthermore, height-adjustable gaming tables are available on the market, which you can adjust to suit your needs.

Models with integrated cable management systems are also available. If the price of such a system is too high for you, then you can also purchase cable hoses, cable ties, mountable sockets and other accessories separately.

Furthermore, when buying a gaming table, you should not only look at the size of the item. The article must be able to be placed in such a way that you can concentrate completely on your game.

If you don’t want to spend money on a new gaming desk, then you can also buy used items or simply assemble the desk yourself.

If the buying guide has helped you, I would be very happy about a positive rating and a comment 🙂