The 9 best gaming
Gadgets from Amazon 2020!

It’s often the little things that make the difference. It’s the same with gambling….

Whether you want to optimize your gaming experience or want to please your loved ones and are looking for a cool & helpful birthday or Christmas gift.

With these 9 gaming gadgets, you’re guaranteed to make the right choice.

There is really something for every gamer and for every budget. Accordingly, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Blue light filter glasses

The high proportion of blue light reduces the production of the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for sleep, and thus makes it harder for us to fall asleep. Especially if you do a lot of gaming on a monitor without a blue light filter in the evening before you go to sleep, your sleep quality and quantity will suffer.

With KLIM’s gaming goggles, 92% of blue light is filtered out, making your eyes less strained, which drastically reduces or usually even prevents headaches or watery eyes even after long gaming sessions.

KLIM Optics – Blaulichtfilter Brille + Hoher…*
  • KÜMMERE DICH UM DIE GESUNDHEIT DEINER AUGEN + VERBESSERE DEINEN SCHLAF. Das menschliche Auge hat sich nicht dazu entwickelt, viele Stunden…
  • ARBEITEN VON ZU HAUSE IN PERFEKTEM KOMFORT. Wahrscheinlich verbringst Du bei der Arbeit oder zur Freizeitgestaltung viele Stunden am Tag…
  • ANTI-MÜDIGKEIT + GEGEN KOPFSCHMERZEN + WERDE PRODUKTIVER. Kennst Du dieses Gefühl, wenn Du viel Zeit vor einem Bildschirm verbracht hast…

Gameboy Alarm Clock

If you want to get back into Nintendo nostalgia, take a look at the Gameboy Nintendo alarm clock. Even the retro-style packaging evokes that old Nintendo feeling.

Nevertheless, this product is not only a decorative element, but the alarm clock convinces with many useful functions such as a LED display that lights up at night. The really working Gameboy buttons are also worth mentioning.

They are not just for decoration, instead they can be used to set the time and alarm. Best of all, though, the built-in ringtones are all sounds from Super Mario Land. Therefore, the Nintendo Gameboy Alarm Clock is the perfect Christmas gift for all Mario lovers or addition to your own gamer room.

Paladone Game-Boy-Wecker mit Sound von…*
  • Nintendo-Produkt.
  • Original Gameboy-Wecker.
  • Nie zu spät sein für ein Abenteuer.

Mouse Bungee

Every PC gamer has surely experienced this problem: During heated PvP fights in computer games like Fortnite or COD, the mouse cable suddenly gets tangled or overstretched, so that the input is delayed by a millisecond, which is equal to the defeat. This is extremely upsetting and costs unnecessary energy and, strangely enough, always occurs in crucial situations.

Fortunately, so-called mouse bungees have been developed that prevent the cable from getting tangled and thus ensure absolute freedom of movement. While you could also go for a wireless mouse, this will severely limit your model selection. And maybe you’re happy with your current mouse, in which case you’ll save yourself a lot of money with this gadget and still enjoy the freedom of movement that comes with a wireless mouse.

That’s why I’m introducing you to the Keepsort cable holder. It stands out due to its high own weight and the special anti-slip function, which prevents it from tipping over or slipping away even under intensive conditions.

KEEPSORT KS I Pc Gaming Mouse Bungee I…*
  • NEXT LEVEL GAMING – Deinem Gegner immer einen Schritt voraus – mit dem Gaming Kabelhalter von KS hast du einen unfairen Vorteil – Tausend…
  • UNGLAUBLICHE KONTROLLE – Maus Kabel Halter für die perfekte Kontrolle für Gamer und Esports Zocker. Durch den super Stand des Fußes mit…
  • PERFEKTE FLEXIBILITÄT – Kein verheddern des Kabels und keine hängende Maus mehr – das ermöglicht der perfekte kabelführung maus halter…

Gaming RGB Mouse Pad

For all RGB lovers looking for more cool gaming lighting, an RGB mouse pad is the perfect addition to the setup. It provides an eye-catcher on the table, which shines discreetly without dazzling.

The presented mouse pad from Blade Hawks is 800x 300 mm and therefore perfectly suitable as a base for mouse and keyboard. Furthermore, the mice glide smoothly over the surface and even under heavy load the mouse pad does not slip away.

To access the nine different light modes of the gaming gadget, the mouse pad is simply connected to the PC via USB without the need to download any drivers.

Gaming Mauspad, BLADE HAWKS RGB Mousepad mit…*
  • 9 Typen RGB-Beleuchtungsmodi: Blade Hawks gaming mauspad, einschließlich 2 dynamischer Modi: 1 Spektrum-Zyklus-Modus- und 1 Atemlichtmodus….
  • Große Größe & Rutschfeste Gummibasis: Die Größe von 800×300 mm deckt Ihren Desktop gut ab. Die robuste, rutschfeste Unterlage kann den…
  • Bequem und Einfach: Dieses gaming mauspad wird über USB mit Strom versorgt und erfordert keinen Treiber. Nur eine Steuertaste macht es…

EGG Electronics charging station

You surely know this problem: Sometimes a plug just doesn’t fit into the socket anymore, because the other plugs are blocking the space. For example, instead of three socket locations, only two are available.

The EGG Electronics Powerstation offers space for up to 15 electronic devices, which can be plugged in at will. At the same time, superior polycarbonate build quality and circuit breakers prevent equipment damage in the event of overcurrent or malfunction.

In addition, the EGG Electronics Powerstation is available in many different modern designs to suit all tastes and the cable extends 1.5 far.

EGG ELECTRONICS PowerStation, innovative…*
  • LÄDT 17 GERÄTE | Mit der PowerStation von EGG können 17 Geräte in jede beliebige Richtung eingesteckt und gleichzeitig geladen werden…
  • PRAKTISCH | Dank des kompakten und minimalistischen Designs kann die Ladestation überall hingestellt werden und ist mit dem 1.5m Kabel…
  • MODERNES DESIGN | Wählen Sie aus verschiedenen Designs, damit die PowerStation immer in Ihre Umgebung und zu Ihrem Lebensstil passt -…

Mini USB fingerprint sensor for PC or Laptop

If you want to unlock your PC or laptop in a flash without having to type in your password, take a look at the mini-USB fingerprint sensor. This recognizes your fingerprint in just 0.15 seconds.

Moreover, the setup is also done in a few minutes and does not require any drivers on Windows 10.

Benss USB Fingerabdruck Leser USB…*
  • Extrem schnelle Biometrie, Erkenne deinen Fingerabdruck um 360 °, Sie können sich in 0,1 Sekunden in Ihre Windows-Geräte einloggen.
  • Leistungsfähige Verschlüsselung:Der Bens Fingerprint Reader unterstützt Windows-Anmeldung, Bildschirmschoner-Sperren.
  • Mit einer biologischen Erkennung wird ein hochpräziser Algorithmus zur Erkennung des echten Fingerabdrucks, nicht der gefälschten,…

Elgato Stream Deck

There are 15 buttons on the Elgato Stream Deck that you can personalize. For example, as a gamer you can set hotkeys for gaming or as a streamer you can completely simplify the OBS control.

The advantage over a macro keyboard or hotkey lies in the software customizable LCD keys, for which each key motif can be customized according to your own wishes. Because with a keyboard with macros or hotkeys you have the problem that you can’t remember any more on which key you have put which command. The only thing that helps is the tedious labeling of all keys.

Elgato Stream Deck Live Content Creation…*
  • 15 LCD-Tasten: Szenen wechseln, Medien starten, Ton anpassen, und vieles mehr
  • Komplett anpassbar: Personalisierung der Tasten mit eigenen Icons oder Auswahl aus mehreren Hundert vorhandenen Icons
  • Sofortige Initiative: genau im richtigen Moment tweeten

Couchmaster Cycon

The Couchmaster Sycon combines couch comfort with PC gaming. Because with this gaming gadget you can easily gamble from your sofa. No matter if you just want to be more comfortable or if you want to enjoy pure gaming pleasure on your huge TV, the Couchmaster Cycon is perfect for that.

It takes less than a minute to switch from your gaming room to the sofa in your living room, including plugging in equipment like mouse and keyboard.

And for maximum convenience, the model features a 5 m USB 3.0 extension cable, side pocket for accessories and three removable palm rests.

Couchmaster® CYCON² – Black Edition – Couch…*
  • ✔ Neues Design, entworfen von der Uni Wuppertal
  • ✔ 6 USB-3.0-Ports, inklusive Schnell-Ladeport außen
  • ✔ Hochwertige Materialien garantieren maximalen Komfort

Gaming steering wheel TMX Force Feedback Pro from Thrustmaster

Take your gaming experience to the next level with a gaming steering wheel. Especially as a fan of racing games, a steering wheel is ideal for gaming. This makes you feel much more in the racing action, which noticeably improves the driving experience and the fun factor.

Force feedback is mandatory. Because this function simulates the different surfaces on the race track and the inertia in the curve. For example, the steering wheel vibrates significantly more on gravel roads than on normal asphalt.

A steering wheel that supports real force feedback and is very cheap to buy is the TMX Pro gaming steering wheel from Thrustmaster.

Thrustmaster TMX PRO: Ergonomisches…*
  • Tastenanzahl: 12 Action Buttons + 1 D-Pad
  • Unterstützte Betriebssysteme: Windows 10/8/7/Vista
  • Anschlüsse: USB