In 5 steps to perfect gaming
Lighting for your room!

For a perfect gaming room, cool lighting is almost mandatory these days!

Whether it’s discreet backlighting of the desk or pure RGB power from PC to keyboard to wall, it’s clear that a setup looks worlds better with gaming lighting!

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll find out the best way to create lighting effects and what you need to keep in mind.

1. the right lighting colour

The first step is to find the right light color, otherwise your entire gaming setup will look inconsistent and you will even achieve a negative effect with the lighting.

Fortunately, however, most LED strips have a wide color spectrum that can be customized to suit individual preferences. This way you are not bound to one color forever after the purchase.

Nevertheless, you should think in advance in which color your room should shine in the end, because for the perfect gaming lighting not only LED strips are bought, but also illuminated signs, wall lights, etc…. where the light color can not be adjusted.

If you want to make your color choice easy, choose just one color. Because then the colors can not “bite” each other. The most common colors are red, blue, green or pink!

With two colors it is already more difficult, however, with the help of a color circle, also this should prepare no problems. To achieve the highest possible contrast, simply select the two opposite colours.

But in the end, your personal taste is always the most important thing, because after all, you are the person who spends the most time in your gaming room.

gaming lamp

Colour wheel

2. backlight for table and monitor

gaming room lighting

Here’s a good example of a cool backlight, namely the gaming setup from @jixxer_awx on Instagram!

If you want to add gaming lighting to your setup, start by adding backlighting to your desk and monitors, if applicable.

For this purpose, they offer self-adhesive LED strips. These are cheap to buy on Amazon and offer a variety of modes and colors they can glow in, like this one:

LED Streifen 10m, kdorrku Flexibel RGB…*
  • 【kdorrku LED Streifen】Durch unsere Spezialisierung auf hochwertige LED-Strips für den professionellen Einsatz, bieten wir ein…
  • 【Funktion und Anwendung】Dieser Lichtstreifen hat 20 Farben und 8 Modi: Auto/Strobe/Dimmer/Geschwindigkeit/3 und 7 Farben Fade/3 und 7…
  • 【Flexible and Selbstklebend】Rückseitig selbstklebend für einfache DIY Montage.LED Leisten wir als eine flexible Bauform von und…

Once you get the LED strips, simply tape them to the back edge of your table and to the back of your monitor.

How this works is explained in this video and in addition you will learn the answer to common questions that may arise when attaching the LED strips.

3. lighting for PC & console

A prerequisite for lighting for the PC is a housing with a viewing window. But if your gaming PC should have a viewing window RGB is almost a must!

The lighting lets your hardware literally shine in the light and thus your PC is a real eye-catcher. Especially when you put it on the table next to the rest of your gaming equipment.

In many cases, LED lighting is already built in from the start and you only have to choose the color or in the best case, the lighting color can even be set individually.

gaming pc lighting

PC by @jixxer_awx on Instagram

If you have a case with a viewing window but without lighting there are many possibilities to install it. For example, you can buy RGB fans or stick LED strips in your case. Or maybe your motherboard even has a mode where it lights up, just check the manual for that.

But now again my tip to the LED strips, do not buy a self-adhesive model for the housing, but which are magnetic. These are a bit more expensive to buy, but they can be reused and don’t leave any adhesive residue.

Sharkoon offers a great product for this!

Sharkoon RGB-LED-Strip Pacelight S1*
  • Konnektivitäts technologie: 4-PIN

And here are the red case fans, which I have installed in my PC. They are super quiet and the LEDs work flawlessly too. This model is also available in other colors besides red, just follow the link.

Corsair AF120 Air Series LED Geräuscharmer…*
  • Spezielle Lüfterflügel und Hydrauliklager ermöglichen einen geräuscharmen Betrieb ohne Auswirkungen auf die Leistung
  • Die ideale Kombination aus hohem Luftdurchsatz und hohem statischem Druck ermöglicht den Einsatz als Gehäuselüfter oder zusammen mit…
  • Guter Luftdurchsatz und statischer Druck: Luftstrom von bis zu 52 m³/h bei Maximalleistung von 1.400 U/min

4. lighting for the wall

Since the backlighting for the desk and monitors is usually not enough and you then still have to turn on your big room light at night, which destroys the whole gaming atmosphere, it is recommended that you also buy a gaming light for the wall.



These special triangular lamps are currently very trendy. You’ve probably seen them on a Youtuber or two, or on Instagram.

Although they are relatively expensive, the investment is worth it: On the wall, there is no decoration that looks better for a gaming setup.

Otherwise, I’ll tell you about two cheap Nanoleaf alternatives in this article, just follow the link. Or if you like a square shape better, the Nanoleaf Canvas are certainly for you.

Nanoleaf Light Panels Rhythm Starter Kit – 9x…*
  • Erstellen Sie Ihre individuellen Formen dank der modularen, dünnen LED-Panels die ohne schrauben oder bohren (plug & play) in Sekunden…
  • Verändern Sie mit der kostenlosen, deutschsprachigen App Steuerung für Smartphone & Tablet (Alexa kompatibel, Plug and Play für iOS…
  • Voll Kompatibel mit Apple Homekit wodurch es auch via Siri gesteuert werden kann (z. B. “Siri, schalte das Licht an”, “Siri, dimme Light…

Nanoleaf Canvas Expansion Pack – 4…*
  • Erweiterungsset Nanoleaf, Canvas, 4 intelligente Panels, quadratisch, LED RGBW.
  • Touch-Panels. Die quadratischen Nanoleaf-Leinwände sind einfach mit der Haptik zu steuern. Schalten Sie Ihre Nanoleaf Canvas Installation…
  • Kann direkt mit dem WLAN-Netzwerk Ihres Hauses verbunden werden – kein Hub oder Bridge erforderlich

Illuminated signs

Are you an ultimate fan of RGB lighting be sure to check out gaming light up signs. They are the perfect addition to the wall to backlight your desk or monitor!

Route 66 Leuchtschild LED Neu Schild Laden…*
  • Dieses Produkt bietet beste Ergebnis in der Dunkelheit
  • Größe: 30cm x 20cm; 12″; x 8″
  • Wir verwenden die höchste Qualität klare, transparente Acryl-Kunststoff und LED-Beleuchtung

zusme Playstation Game Room Kid Novelty LED…*
  • Abmessung: W40cm x H30cm. LED-Licht kann für 100.000 Stunden dauern.
  • Spannung: 110v-240v. Werden wir Stecker zu Ihnen nach Ihrem lokalen Standard arrangieren
  • Kabel: Schwarze Farbe mit Ein/Aus-Taste enthalten

Wall lights

gaming wall lamp

At first glance, this wall lamp doesn’t sound like cool lighting, but rather like gaming decoration, but the special thing about the wall lamp presented here is that it looks as if the hammer is stuck in the wall and leaves cracks. This effect is created by the LEDs that are in the hammer and the wall sticker that represents the cracks.

Marvel Avengers Thor Hammer Wandleuchte*
  • Maßnahmen ca. 24 cm (H) x 6,5 cm (B) x 12,5 cm (D)
  • Enthält einen gebrochenen Wandaufkleber
  • Schaltet sich nach 60 Minuten automatisch aus

3D Light FX Marvel Iron Man Maske,3D-Deko,…*
  • Offiziell lizenziert von 3D Light FX.
  • Kabellos, kann überall im Raum platziert werden.
  • Batteriebetrieben, benötigt drei AA-Batterien (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten).

5. lighting for the gaming equipment

For even more RGB power, you can buy your gaming equipment with lighting. Nowadays, a variant with RGB is available for every accessory.

However, you have to be careful with most of the cheap offers that are advertised with for example “RGB Ultra Gaming Mouse etc…”, because these often have an inferior quality and the LEDs accordingly break after a short time.

That’s why I’m going to show you the best keyboards, mice and gaming chairs, which have a cool lighting and are made of high quality at the same time.

Keyboard with RGB

In the meantime, it is impossible to imagine a gaming keyboard without lighting!

But because you shouldn’t choose a keyboard just for the number of colors it can glow, I’ve listed the best keyboards with RGB in three price ranges.

Sharkoon Skiller SGK4 Gaming Keyboard RGB,…*
  • Gaming-Tastatur mit RGB-Hintergrundbeleuchtung
  • Individuell konfigurierbare Tastenfunktionen
  • Onboard-Speicher für Spiel-Profile

HyperX HX-KB1SS2-DE Alloy FPS RGB Gaming…*
  • RGB-Tasten mit Hintergrundbeleuchtung und strahlenden Beleuchtungseffekten
  • Erweiterte Personalisierungsmöglichkeiten mit der HyperX NGenuity Software und internem Speicher für 3 Profile
  • Kompaktes, ultramobiles Design mit abnehmbarem Kabel und praktischem USB-Ladeanschluss

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile Rapidfire…*
  • Deutsche Cherry MX Speed Schalter – Hochpräzise lineare Schaltcharakteristik ohne hörbaren Klick
  • Rapidfire tauglich mit extrem kurzen Reaktionszeiten und hohen Schaltfrequenzen
  • Rapidfire-Tasten mit niedrigem Profil für vollen Komfort: Die mechanischen Cherry MX Low Profile RGB Speed-Tastenschalter mit…

Mouse with lighting

As is the case with gaming keyboards, don’t let yourself be lured by seemingly extremely cheap offers when it comes to mice with lighting. The best gaming mice with RGB I have presented to you again in the following.

Holife Gaming Maus, 7200 DPI PC Maus mit RGB…*
  • 【Max. 7200 DPI & 4 Polling Rate】Beidhändige Gaming Maus mit 5 Standard & 4 DPI, während des Spiels kann zwischen 5 verschiedenen…
  • 【Programmierbare 8 Tasten inkl. Feuer-Taste】Mit programmierbaren 8 Tasten können Sie beliebige Eigenschaften einfach definieren. Im…
  • 【Mit 16, 8 Millionen RGB Farbe】Holife RGB Gamer Maus kann mit bis zu 16, 8 Millionen Farben abgestimmt werden. Die bunte…

SteelSeries Rival 310, optische Gaming-Maus,…*
  • Eigener für E-Sport entwickelter optischer Sensor TrueMove3 mit 12.000 CPI, 350 IPS
  • Ergonomisches Design für höchsten Komfort und Spitzenleistungen
  • Exklusive mechanische linke und rechte Split-Trigger-Tasten mit garantierter Lebensdauer von 50 Millionen Klicks

Corsair Glaive PRO RGB Komfortable FPS/MOBA…*
  • Komfortable, ergonomische Form: Die Form passt sich Ihrer Hand natürlich an, sodass Sie länger spielen können
  • Austauschbare Seitengriffe: Drei mitgelieferte austauschbare Seitengriffe bieten eine passgenaue Form für Ihre Hand
  • Anpassbarer optischer Sensor der Gaming-Klasse mit 18.000 dpi: Auflösungsschritte von 1 dpi gewährleisten eine zuverlässige und präzise…

Gaming chair with LED

While the selection of gaming chairs with LEDs is still very limited, if you’re looking for a model with gaming lighting, you should check out the following chair.

UOMAX Gaming Stuhl mit LED-Leuchten, Breitem…*
  • [Fantastisches LED-Licht]: Die Rückenlehne ist mit einem LED-Licht ausgestattet, das zu Ihrer Spielausrüstung passt. Kann mit…
  • [Breiteres flaches Kissen] Das verbreiterte flache Kissen ist besser für Menschen mit einem größeren Körper geeignet. Verglichen mit dem…
  • [Hervorragende Komponenten] Der Rennstuhl ist mit einem SGS-zertifizierten Gaslift ausgestattet, mit dem die Höhe problemlos von 39,5 cm…


Each gambler room needs gaming lighting these days. Of course you can argue how much RGB power is really necessary.

As a result, I’ve also written this five-step guide that shows you how to proceed in various stages, so to speak, from little LED to full LED power.

But since lighting is only a small part of a good setup, be sure to check out my Gaming Room guide, where I explain with over 5000 words how to get the most out of your setup with the lowest budget.