Nanoleaf Canvas Test -
Better LED panels than Aurora?

The triangular Nanoleaf Aurora LED panels are currently very trendy. For example, they can be controlled by voice, can display over 16 million colors and even respond rhythmically to music. This almost forgets about the newer, square Nanoleaf Canvas modules. But they convince with even more functions.

In this post, I introduce the Nanoleaf Canvas and then compare it to the Aurora LED panels.

What is Nanoleaf Canvas?

nanoleaf canvas pattern

Nanoleaf Canvas are square LED panels that can be assembled individually. This allows you to create many different designs.

They are attached to the wall with the included double-sided adhesive tape and can glow in over 16 million colors.

Thanks to an integrated microphone, the LED panels can even respond rhythmically to ambient noise if desired. For example, the LEDs light up harmoniously to match the music or sounds from video games.

The various modes and light colours can be controlled either by smartphone with an app or by voice control via voice assistant from Apple, Google or Amazon.

All this makes it the perfect gaming lighting for your setup or design element for your living room or bedroom.

Technical data of the Nanoleaf Canva LED panels

Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit – 9 Lichtquadrate*
  • Nanoleaf Canvas Starterset: 9 intelligente Panels mit RGBW LED (16, 7 m Farbton einschließlich einstellbarem Weiß) inklusive Kontrollpanel…
  • Touch-Panels. Die quadratischen Nanoleaf-Leinwände sind einfach mit der Haptik zu steuern. Schalten Sie Ihre Nanoleaf Canvas Installation…
  • Kann direkt mit dem WLAN-Netzwerk Ihres Hauses verbunden werden – kein Hub oder Bridge erforderlich

What is included in the scope of delivery of the LED panels?

There are three different sets. I am now referring to the Smarterkit with a total of 9 panels in my statements.

Scope of delivery Canvas Smarterkit

How do I install the Nanoleaf Canvas modules?

Before you haphazardly stick the panels on the wall and then in the worst case have to remove them all again immediately because you do not like the design, you should think about a pattern.

You can use the app for that. The Nanoleaf app offers the possibility to virtually arrange the modules as desired. Accordingly, you simply arrange the individual panels in the app until you like the pattern.

In order to better estimate the size of your desired pattern, you should spread out the panels on a flat surface such as a table or the floor before mounting them on the wall.

nanoleaf layout assistant

Layout Assistant of the app

led panels

Panels tested on the table

Since the 28 double-sided adhesive pads were only barely measured, additional double-sided adhesive tape is recommended for fastening. Especially the control panel is relatively heavy and therefore needs more tape.

In contrast to the Nanoleaf Aurora modules, the control panel does not necessarily have to be connected to the power supply. This is very advantageous, because as a result the power supply can be connected to any panel and does not have to be taken into account during planning.

However, Aurora and Canvas connections cannot be mixed with each other.

What makes the Nanoleaf Canvas so special?

Like the Nanoleaf Aurora, the Nanoleaf Canvas impresses with an innovative design and many helpful and cool features. I would like to go into this in more detail now. Before that, I can recommend the trailer of Nanoleaf itself.

The design

A square LED panel is in turn made up of 4 smaller square light fields. This results in small patterns rather than a continuous illuminated area. It should also be emphasized that the squares are completely illuminated, so that even the edges can take on any color.

In addition, the individual panels can be individually plugged together, allowing them to be arranged to suit any taste. In addition, the individual sets can be expanded almost limitlessly. Thus, 25 modules require only one power supply and a total of 500 panels can be connected simultaneously.

At the same time, the panels have a very low weight. Accordingly, they can be easily hung on the wall with the supplied double-sided adhesive tape. This saves you the hassle of drilling and your wall will not be damaged.

The functions

The LED panels can display over 16 million colors. Here, each panel can be controlled individually via the app and the color can be personalized.

Furthermore, Nanoleaf Canvas has a rhythm module directly integrated, which reacts rhythmically to sounds such as those from music or computer games.

As a result, the panels light up to match the ambient sounds.

RGB lighting

Moreover, there are numerous preset scenes that you can play. In the app, the different modes are clearly listed and easy to understand. For starters, I would recommend that you just click through and play around with the functions a bit. Then you’ll also quickly find cool colors and transitions that appeal to you visually.

With the help of the touch function, games can also be played with the LED panels. For example, you can play memory with your friends. Whereas with the 9 panels of the Smarter Kit it gets boring fast. Therefore, more panels should be added for this purpose.

You can also set a light alarm clock in the app. Then the panels light up at the desired alarm time and simulate a sunrise. You will no longer be woken from a deep sleep by a shrill alarm clock, but gently by the slowly increasing light.

In winter, when it is dark in the morning, you usually don’t even need an audible ringtone. It is even scientifically proven that you are less stressed and fitter in the morning thanks to such an alarm function.

The control of the modes and over 16 million colors

The aforementioned modes and colors can be adjusted via app, touch gestures or via voice. A few functions can also be changed directly on the control panel.

There you can change the scenes, activate the Rhythm function, adjust the brightness or play random scenes with the Shuffle button.

The Nanoleaf Canvas modules are simply integrated into your wifi. To do this, either scan the QR code on the control panel or enter the enclosed code on the back of the packaging. Unfortunately, they currently only support 2.5 GHz and not 5 GHz.

canvas rhythm panel

Rhythm or control panel

You then have the option of controlling the Nanoleafs in the app with your smartphone, for example, or connecting them to your voice assistant. Suitable for this are Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT or Apple Home. Known voice commands would include:

If you’ve spent any time with the triangular Nanoleaf Aurora panels, you’re probably already familiar with the control options I just mentioned. However, Nanoleaf Canvas has another control option, namely by touch or with gestures.

Double-click on any panel to turn the LEDs on or off. For example, swiping up with your hands will increase the brightness. With a swipe to the right you can display the next scene. And depending on the intensity of the pressure, the surrounding panels glow more or less.

These were a few examples of the default settings, the gestures can of course be customized in the app as desired.

nanoleaf app

The Nanoleaf App

Nanoleaf Canvas and Nanoleaf Aurora in comparison

aurora vs canvas

Left Canva and right Aurora

If you are still unsure between which of the two models you should choose, be sure to check out this comparison now. Here I show all the similarities and differences, so you can get a better picture of the two products yourself.

Common features of the LED panels

Special features canvas

Conclusion - Cool lighting element for your room

The Nanoleaf Canvas are a perfect addition to any modern furnished room. They convince with a variety of exciting functions and a huge color spectrum. So they always provide a cool eye-catcher on the wall.

Only the price of around 190€ is a bit deterring at first glance. But if you take a closer look at the product, the price is more than justified for the multitude of functions and the outstanding workmanship.

Above all, you can’t get any products with a comparably modern design until now.