Gaming room set up -
you have to watch out for that!

Do you want to finally furnish your dream gaming room, but do not know exactly what you have to pay attention to, what all belongs in a cool gaming corner or how to plan the best furnishings, then you are exactly right here.

Because in this article I’ll show you step by step how to go about designing your gaming room, whether you’re a console or PC gamer.

What all belongs in the perfect gaming room?

For this you have to distinguish between a console & TV corner and a PC & desk setup.

However, for both setups you should rather choose a dark place with few windows. Otherwise, when you’re gaming during the day, you’ll always have problems with sunlight making your monitor’s image reflect.

In addition, the furniture in a gaming room can also be selected in black. Because in contrast to the other rooms, such as your living room, your gaming cave may appear dark. Because you equip your gamer corner at the end anyway with RGB strips that provide for the lighting and come on black background even better to the validity.

Generally, I have limited myself first of all to the basic equipment, so that you can implement the tips no matter how big your budget is. If you want to get more out of your gaming room, I have still linked suitable articles with ideas from me.

Consoles & TV corner design

gaming room with bed

For the perfect gamer’s corner with TV and console, you first need a comfortable place to sit. A sofa is a classic choice for this, but so are beanbags or your bed. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and do not have back pain while gambling.

If you want to use your bed, you should definitely upholster it with lots of sturdy pillows. So you can sit comfortably upright and do not always have to stretch your head stiffly upwards.

You should also hang your TV on the wall so that it is at eye level. This will be easy on your neck. If you are a fan of RGB lighting, you can also attach LED strips to the back of your TV. These then provide indirect lighting, which looks super cool in the dark.

It is best to place an open shelf or a modern TV table under the TV. Then you put your games in there and on top you position your Switch, Xbox or Playstation.

Then, from an optical point of view, it is advisable to hide the cables between the console and the TV behind a cable duct. You attach this exactly in the middle under the TV.

For the wall, I can recommend gaming posters with your favorite games as a motif. The individual posters do not cost much pretty bare walls in any case.

Gaming PC & Desktop Setup

gaming room plan

For a setup with gaming PC, keyboard, mouse, etc… the basis is of course a very good gaming table and gaming chair. The desk should be as large as possible and the chair should match the color of your other equipment.

At the desk edge and behind your monitor you stick best still LED strips. Because with the lighting your whole gaming setup comes out even better.

To hide the cables you can wrap them in a cable tube. These can be purchased cheaply and are quickly put over the cables.

In addition, there are two speaker boxes to the left and right of the monitor. They provide a decent sound and enhance your setup visually.

Then you can bring in a little greenery and put up plants as decoration. Real plants look better, of course, but if they don’t survive a month in your house, artificial plants will do as well.

If you have money to spare now, my ultimate recommendation is Auora Nanoleafs. These triangular LED panels look simply stunning on the wall and make any setup twice as beautiful visually. However, since they are relatively expensive, I have compared two inexpensive Nanoleaf alternatives in this article. Make sure you check him out!

Where can I find cool gaming setups to follow?

As a first tip, I can already suggest to you that you orientate yourself on other gaming rooms and let them inspire you. For that, you can just google “gaming room” or “gaming setup” or you can check it out on Instagram or Pinterest.

In addition, you can find on Youtube under the term “Setup Wars” videos in which under a certain topic setups are presented. The Youtuber Tech Source, for example, presents the best setups of his community for a low price there according to the motto “Budget Edition”.

Are there any apps or programs I can use to schedule my gaming room?

I haven’t found an app that only helps with designing a gaming room yet. If there’s one thing you should know. post it in the comments. But you can also use a classic CAD program. A good and free program would be for example the online room planner from RoomSketcher. Or an even simpler software is offered by IKEA with the office planner.

After the installation you only have to measure your room and enter the values into the program. After that, you can already start setting up your gaming corner.


I hope you were able to get a good first insight into how you should best set up your gaming room and take away some good ideas and tips. Otherwise, I can recommend you my other articles, there I answer every question about gaming setups.