5 tips against the formation of
Dust on your gaming setup!

Every computer user knows it: A week without cleaning the setup, a thick layer of dust has formed on all components. The accumulated dust not only looks unsightly, but can also harm your health.

I too own a gaming pc setup and have always wondered how to avoid this problem. In this regard, I’ve spent the last four weeks researching this topic extensively and trying out a variety of tips to combat dusting.

In the process, most of the advice didn’t work or came at a high cost. Nevertheless, there were also some good tips that I could apply immediately and that I didn’t have to spend any or only a few euros to implement.

I’d like to share the 5 best pieces of advice against dusting with you in this blog.

How is dust formed in the first place?

In order to be able to prevent dust formation, you must first know how the dust is created in the first place. For that, I’ve summarized five interesting facts about the tiny particles of dirt:

1. dust is formed from tiny particles that are carried around in the air by gusts of wind and eventually settle. Examples of such particles are dander, hair, pollen, crumbs, etc….

2. you can sometimes see the tiny dirt particles in the sun rays or when you shine a flashlight in the air.

3. the electrostatic charge attracts dust particles, especially from technical equipment. Especially monitors, computers, microphones or desk lamps are affected. But sofas, beds, curtains, drapes and rugs are also excellent dust collectors.

4. some people suffer from a so-called house dust allergy. This allergy is triggered by a specific substance in the droppings of dust mites. The mites’ droppings collect in the layers of dust and the allergen they contain can cause eye irritation or respiratory problems in those affected.

5. the criminal investigation department can solve crimes with the help of the dust. In doing so, the specialists can precisely identify whether a woman or a man has been in the room. In addition, thanks to the small dust particles, the experts know what clothes the person has worn or what the person has eaten.

Since the dust particles are tiny and spread and settle almost everywhere, you can ‘t stop the dust from forming. The most you can do is reduce dusting and make cleaning as easy as possible for yourself. I’ll show you how this works optimally in the next paragraph.

1. tip remove dust catchers with irregular surfaces

The easiest way to make cleaning easy is to make your workspace or gaming setup as minimalist as possible.

So remove all the unnecessary things on your desk. Especially objects with irregular surfaces are difficult to clean. At best, you should not use or set up these objects at all.

However, there are of course things you can’t remove. Cables, for example, are irreplaceable for a computer setup, and yet dust is constantly accumulating in the mountains of cables.

This tip is easy to implement and has an excellent effect!

2. create a well thought-out cable management system

To eliminate the cable tangle dust source, a good cable management is irreplaceable.

You can tie the cables together with cable ties and then lay them through a cable duct or hose. Then you do not have to clean the cables individually, but only need to wipe the cable tunnel once.

Cable boxes are particularly suitable for the safe storage of power supply units, multiple sockets and leftover excess cable lengths. In these boxes all items are protected from the dust.

And unlike normal boxes, the lid can also be closed, as the cables enter the box through openings on the side.

A cheap alternative for the cable boxes are shoe boxes. Whereby the material and the shape of shoe boxes are perhaps not quite so visually appealing. But you can’t see the shoeboxes behind or under the desk anyway.

Cable boxes, on the other hand, can undoubtedly be placed on the desk. Since there are countless models also in noble designs and high-quality materials such as wood or plastic.

I have since done some thoughtful cable management everywhere there are lots of cables, power supplies and multiple outlets, like behind the TV and computer setup, and set up a cable box!

Accordingly, I can only recommend this advice to you. Because this will make cleaning much easier for you!

3. ventilate regularly and correctly

Dry air provides the optimal condition for the dust to spread. Above all, constant heating at the highest level removes moisture from the air. Accordingly, you should only run the heating at low levels if possible.

It may sound strange, but with regular and proper airing, the spread of dust can be drastically reduced. Because the fresh air from outside has a higher humidity and can bind the tiny particles better. In addition, ventilation generally causes much more dust to get outside than into the home.

However, only if you ventilate properly, otherwise the opposite effect will occur and all the more dust will collect on your workstation or gaming setup.

In this regard, you must make sure that you do not have your window tilted all the time. This is because your gaming room continuously loses heat, which must be compensated for by higher heating levels. Consequently, you harm the environment and have to pay higher heating costs at the same time. Also, especially in the spring, pollen collects in your room.

Instead of having your windows tilted all the time, at best you need to shock ventilate twice a day. To do this, you tear open all the windows completely for ten minutes. This allows the fresh air to pass through your room unhindered and transport the dust outside with it.

I have been following this advice for many years. But it never occurred to me that I would use it to fight dust. Instead, I have always just ventilated to save the environment and my wallet. But for these two reasons alone, it’s worth not having the window tilted all the time. Nevertheless, the removal of dust, thanks to the passage of fresh air, is a wonderful side effect.

4. place houseplants

indoor plant

Houseplants are a natural way to combat dust!

Plants that need a lot of water in turn continuously release water vapour into the room air and thus ensure a higher humidity.

This in turn binds the dust. With indoor plants it is even possible to increase the humidity by 5%.

Whereby this factor of course depends on the casting behaviour.

In addition, the plants also purify the air from harmful chemicals and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

These are the best plants, for improving indoor climate (Source: Hornbach):

  • Birch fig (Ficus benjamina)
  • Ivy (Hedera helix)
  • Monocot (Spathiphyllum)
  • Room fern (Nephrolepsis)
  • Ivy (Scindapsus)
  • Bow hemp (Sansevieria)
  • Basket marante (Calathea)
  • Piston thread (Aglaonema)

I have two plants in my study myself, but it is difficult to judge how they affect my air conditions.

In any case, the plants beautify your computer or gaming setup. The natural green of the plants forms a nice contrast to the computer technology.

Although you need to water them regularly, but this process hardly takes time. Only do not forget about watering.

5. get and activate a humidifier

To avoid dry air and consequently the spread of dust, I have also read over and over again that you should get a humidifier.

Especially in winter , the humidity can drop extremely due to constant heating. Then, under certain circumstances, houseplants may no longer be of any help. It’s just a humidifier.

These may look unsightly, but they are much more effective than houseplants. On the one hand, you can increase the humidity with these products extremely quickly, but also immediately lower again.

Meanwhile, there are even some models with integrated air purifier.

I have not tried this tip myself and accordingly cannot tell you how great the effect of the humidifiers is. Whereby I can well imagine that some models can certainly influence the room climate in a very short time. Thus, I believe that this tip is guaranteed to work.

How to clean your setup from dust

As I mentioned earlier, you can’t avoid dusting. So once you’ve implemented the dust reduction tips, it’s time to clean your setup regularly. Preferably at least once every week.

For this I would like to give you some tips in the following.

wipe off dust
Microfiber cloths are ideal for removing dust.

Generally, when I dust, I open all the windows so the particles that are stirred up can get outside.

And before you start vacuuming, you should first wipe the dust off of everything in your gaming setup or workspace, otherwise all the dirt will be kicked back up off the floor by the vacuum cleaner and spread throughout the room.

Either a damp cloth or an antistatic cloth is suitable for cleaning. This literally attracts and binds the dust grains. But a damp cloth can leave streaks, which can’t happen to you with a dry microfiber cloth with electrostatic effect.

Still, I was able to get better results with a slightly damp rag. In any case, the cloth should be soft, so that there are no scratches.

Brushes are suitable for objects with many irregularities. With them you can not bind the dust, but at least remove it from small hollows and holes. And then just suck it away or wipe it off.

Feather dusters are also excellent for cleaning. These bind the lint, like the microfiber cloths, thanks to electrostatic charge. Furthermore, you have a higher reach with the fronds and can thus also reach higher dust sources, such as curtain rods.


Unfortunately, there are no ways to keep the dust out of your computer setup. On the other hand, you can drastically reduce dust formation with the tips mentioned above. Consequently, cleaning is also much easier and faster.

If you know of any other tips, feel free to share them in the comments.