Insulate gaming room -
The 4 best tips!

It can be annoying to have to listen to your neighbors or family members whine all the time because you were supposedly playing too loud in your gaming room. But you just want to finish your evening and play a few rounds with your friends.

No matter whether it is the too loud keyboard or whether you smoke from time to time in this article I clarifyI’ll show you step by step how to dim your gaming room cheaply, so that your family members like girlfriend or mother can sleep relaxed and you can still continue to play without restrictions.

Background knowledge - Soundproof & Sound dead, what is the difference?

First of all, you have to distinguish between soundproof and soundproof, because this is often the first mistake when it comes to preventing sounds from getting outside the gaming room.

Although sonic dead and sonic tight are related, they are fundamentally two completely different topics.

An anechoic room is one in which sound is not reflected from the walls, ceiling and floor and consequently there is no echo or reverberation. This is important for microphone recordings to provide clear sound quality. For example, if you want to record Youtube videos or organize livestreams, you have to pay attention to this!

As you might have guessed, a room is soundproofed when no more sounds are coming from the inside to the outside. How this works, you will learn in this article!

This much in advance, the acoustic mats made of foam only help against airborne sound. Accordingly, although they are well suited for an anechoic chamber, the fact that they ensure that sounds are insulated and do not escape to the outside is only partially true. For this, the entire walls must be covered with them, rather they help, as the name suggests, to improve the acoustics and thus the sound.

Soundproofing a gaming room - the professional option

In order to make a room soundproof, in the professional field of acoustic construction in, for example, clubs or recording studios, one room is built into another larger room without the two rooms being in direct contact. Only the insulation material touches the two walls. This allows the interior cabin to vibrate and the sound that is still transmitted is first reduced by the insulating material and finally stopped by the second wall.

Such a construction is also possible for the layman in simplified form, but usually not necessary. Often, small changes are all that is needed to insulate the gaming room so that family members or neighbors are happy with the soundscape. I’ll tell you what that change is below!

1. nip the problem in the bud

Usually you are already aware of the reason why the complaints of the neighbours or the family members start again. If not, it’s simply a matter of asking again in a friendly manner….

I know it’s hard, but if the clicking of your keyboard is annoying to those around you, why not buy a quiet keyboard or replace the switches?

If you’re ragesting or talking too loudly to your mates on Teamspeak or Discord, why don’t you try to control yourself and keep your voice down?

If the music of your speakers should be too loud, why don’t you gamble with headset?

These tips may sound very primitive, but they will help to solve your problem the fastest and you will have your “peace of mind” again, allowing you to better concentrate on the game.

But I also realize that these tips are not always feasible and you don’t want to give up anything. Accordingly, the right hammer tips come afterwards!

2. furnish room with lots of furniture and decoration

If your gaming room is still half empty, it will definitely help if you continue to furnish the room. For example, you can put a thick carpet on the floor, these absorb a lot of sound. Especially if someone in the room below you is constantly complaining, a thick wool carpet is probably the most effective way to insulate without much cost.

sound insulation floor

Besides curtains, pictures, sofas also absorb sound, which immediately changes the acoustics of the room. Even a large cupboard in front of the affected wall to the neighbour creates completely different acoustics.

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3. seal doors and check sockets

If your door doesn’t close tightly, you’ll hear almost everything in the vestibule. Therefore just try to put a blanket or a towel between the cracks.

If the noises in the outside room decrease thereby you buy then simply still correct seals. If the noise of the street is too loud for you, you can of course use the same tactic for the windows.

soundproof door

If there is only a partition wall between you and the room in which the noise is heard, there is the option of connecting the sockets of both rooms and using the hose as a sound bridge. You can easily find out by turning up the music loud in your room and then going into the other room and listening at the outlet to see if the sounds are louder there.

If that’s the case, place a wardrobe or chest of drawers in front of the socket and attach an extension cord.

4. decouple devices and minimize noise generation

Furthermore, it is important that you decouple all loud things such as speakers, keyboard, PC, so that the sound is not transmitted. For the keyboard, for example, get a long mouse pad or a desk pad.

Place the desk so that it is not in contact with the wall. You do not fix the boxes directly to the wall or on the desk, but place them on certain supports called shock absorbers. Especially against booming basses this method is very effective.

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Conclusion - Insulating gaming rooms is not difficult!

It is important that you know the difference between anechoic and anechoic! Because with this information you don’t buy unnecessary things like acoustic mats or absorbers.

Otherwise, I can only recommend you to try all the measures that I have presented in this article. Then you should not have any problems with your family members or relatives.

If you know any good tips for insulating a gaming room, please leave a comment below.