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Clean the mouse pad!

Often when cleaning the desktop or gaming setup, the mouse pad is forgotten. But on it also collect a lot of dander, sebum and sweat.

At worst, the dirt will degrade the precision of your mouse. Consequently, the mouse then only glides irregularly over the surface.

In general, you should clean your mouse pad at least three times a year for hygienic reasons. But of course, how often you clean your mouse pad depends on how often you use your mouse.

If you have spilled sticky drinks like cola or beer, you should of course clean your mouse pad additionally, otherwise it will start to stink.

When cleaning the mouse pad, however, you have to differentiate between models made of fabric and plastic or with a rubber surface . Whether your mouse pad is from Razer, Speedlink, Roccat, Titanwolf, Steelseries, HyperX, Zowie, Logitech, Sharkoon, or any other brand, it doesn’t matter.

Plastic mouse pads can be easily wiped with a damp cloth and a little detergent.

Clean cloth mouse pads

The best way to wash a fabric mouse pad is to put it in the washing machine at the following settings:

Of course you can also use a different detergent. I chose Persil because I also wash my other clothes with this detergent and have had good experience with it so far.

To protect your mouse pad as much as possible during the washing process, you can also put it in a laundry bag .

To dry the cloth mouse pad, do not spin it in the dryer, but place it either in the sun or on the heater. Before that, however, you pull the mouse pad with a hard object, I prefer a simple triangle.

It may happen that the mouse pad ripples during drying. Then, ideally, place it between a stack of heavy books or carefully iron it with a warm iron.

After that, your cloth mouse pad should look like new again.


  1. Turn the mouse pad over and tap it out
  2. Place in a laundry bag and wash in the washing machine at 30°.
  3. Peel off mouse pad with triangle
  4. Place in the sun and allow to dry
  5. If necessary, carefully iron straight

Clean mouse pad with rubber surface

However, if you have a fabric model with a rubber wheel or rubber anti-slip surface, you must not put this mouse pad in the washing machine under any circumstances. Otherwise, the rubber and the seams will come loose due to the high speeds and temperatures in the washing machine. In addition, you must avoid aggressive agents as you would when cleaning your monitor.

For a model made of fabric and rubber, warm water with a dash of dishwashing liquid, Frosch neutral detergent or hair shampoo is a good solution. This mixture is very gentle to the material and thus the dirt can be removed effectively.

First, turn the mouse pad over and tap a little on the back. This should loosen a large part of the dust.

Then carefully dip a cloth into the hot water-rinse mixture and wipe the mouse pad in circular motions.

In general, you should not clean your mouse pad weekly, as it is subjected to a relatively large amount of stress during the washing process. Especially with cheaper fabric models, the threads loosen accordingly quickly.