The 10 Best Gaming Laptops 2021
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Although game consoles are being used more and more, gambling on computer games will probably never fall out of fashion. It’s a good thing, too, because the performance and capabilities of laptops keep increasing!

If you’re looking to buy a gaming laptop, here’s what you need to know.

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Gaming Laptop - The little brother of the PC?

Back in the day, a lot of people used to make fun of the gaming laptop a little bit. Most gamers thought that a real PC was necessary for real gaming. However, this is merely due to the fact that laptops used to be much less powerful and of inferior quality. It just wasn’t as much fun to play with. However, it is absolutely possible for modern laptops to compete with the capabilities of a desktop PC. That shows from this PC laptop consoles comparison.

Computer games are becoming more and more complex in today’s generation. This is not only related to the content, but especially to the graphics and quality. This also means that they demand much more from the hardware than before. More RAM, smooth images and a strong resolution – all this suddenly becomes important. And a gaming notebook should of course meet these demands for a long time, so that a new one doesn’t have to be bought immediately.

Before buying, it is very important to get enough information. There is one main reason for this: unlike a desktop PC, the hardware of a laptop is very difficult to upgrade and change. If something breaks on the screen, it can no longer be replaced and a new gaming notebook is needed. It’s probably best if you try out different models beforehand. In many technology stores this is possible without any problems.

The first question: What is important to me?

At the very beginning you need to clarify some questions. It is most important for you to figure out what you need and what is most important to you before you buy. It doesn’t just make a difference when and where you play. Most importantly, it depends on how often you gamble and what your expectations are from the gaming laptop.

Many people only play games occasionally and wish that, in addition to internet and streaming, a computer game would run smoothly from time to time. A high-end graphics card is too much here – due to the size of the screen, the difference in quality is hardly noticeable. Instead, you can easily go for a GTX 1650. Also, you can save a lot on the CPU because you don’t need too much power.

However, if you want to use your new laptop almost exclusively for gaming, you should definitely go for a powerful graphics card. Because mobility is usually a secondary consideration for such requirements, large models are also suitable. These are often not as expensive as their flatter cut brethren. As a main processor, an i5 CPU is sufficient, through which games can run without wobbling.

Are you looking for a gaming notebook as an all-rounder, with which you can both gamble and work? In this case, speed is of the essence and your laptop needs enough power to run multiple tasks simultaneously. Here, an i7 main processor is well suited as Gameforest’s laptop comparison shows. However, if you’re on the go a lot, the focus is probably on a slim and lightweight model.

Important for gamers: The right screen

Very important for the visuals and a pleasant gaming experience is of course the screen. The display of a gaming laptop is usually 15 or 17 inches. The former is often a bit cheaper and for casual gamers, a 17-inch display isn’t even necessary. However, the focus of the screen should not be the size, but the refresh rate.

The refresh rate is measured in hertz and indicates how many images your gaming notebook can display per second. That the rate is particularly high must be ensured, especially in shooter games. Here it can happen that the images blur and shake during fast mouse movements, if the repetition frequency is not high enough.

Many people believe that the resolution is essential for gaming – but you can save money here. The Full HD resolution with 1920×1080 pixels is mostly enough, the popular 4K is usually not even noticeable on laptops. Rather, you should go for a glossy display that will make for a better look. However, it is also possible that this may dazzle if the light is too strong. Ideally, you should try both beforehand and see for yourself which you like better.

Technical data: Memory, graphics card and connections

Of high importance for your new gaming laptop is the graphics processor. It should definitely be installed separately and in no case in the main processor. This is because a graphics processor built into the CPU often doesn’t provide enough performance for smooth games. It’s also nearly impossible to replace or upgrade.

It’s also best to choose an SSD hard drive. This scores with very high speed and built-in cache. In this, the laptop can move frequently used programs so that they load faster and run more smoothly. It is better not to use external hard disks, because they are often slower.

The speed of the laptop is determined by the RAM. It determines how fast your gaming notebook can process data. Nowadays, a good model should have at least six gigabytes of RAM to provide sufficient performance.

In addition to a LAN port, your gaming laptop also needs at least two USB ports so you can connect your mouse and keyboard. It makes sense if the ports are of the 3.0 generation. For the computer games themselves, of course, you still need a CD drive – because not everyone wants to buy their games online.