PS4 Steering Wheel - Top Models
from 2021 including guidebook

A quality PS4 gaming steering wheel is a true revolution in the field of simulated racing. Its use in racing games is an absolute boon and takes your gaming experience to the next level. The technical innovation takes you right to the pulse of racing simulation.

Force feedback engines give you absolute realism on any track in the world. If you care about racing, you know that the simple controller is not the future of virtual racing. The selection and specifications of steering wheels are a highly complex subject.

If you want to invest in a PS4 steering wheel, you need prior knowledge to discover the perfect product for you. I offer you the ultimate guide to the perfect Playstation 4 steering wheel!

PS4 Steering Wheel - The Top Models from 2021

The advantages of gaming steering wheels at a glance

Buying guide with main criteria for a realistic driving experience

The price differences of the various models are mainly determined by the different quality. The lower the finish and the fewer the features, the more unrealistic the driving experience.

Accordingly, it is worth spending a few euros more to achieve the maximum driving pleasure. In the following I will show you what is particularly important for a realistic driving experience.

force feedback

Force Feedback is a feature that allows the driver to experience a realistic driving experience. There are two crucial functions for this.

One is the vibration, which simulates different ground conditions and collisions, and the other is the inertia factor, which makes the steering wheel easier or harder to steer in different situations.


The simplified form of force feedback is vibration. This causes the events from the game to cause vibrations.

This vibration is known from dual-shock controllers. If you prefer to take it easy and don’t care about realism, the vibrating Force Feedback is the correct choice.

No feedback

This category is suitable if you absolutely do not want vibrations and other feedback. If you’re looking for realistic driving and gaming fun, then a PS4 steering wheel without feedback is not recommended.

Steering range

The steering range determines how far the gaming wheel can be turned in one direction. The larger the steering range, the more precisely you can steer. The degree of steering angle is an extremely important detail when buying your gaming steering wheel.

The maximum steering angle is 900 degrees, which corresponds to the steering of a real car. In this case, the steering wheel can be turned completely in both directions more than once (450 degrees). With the Playstation 4 steering wheel, the higher the possible steering angle, the more precise and realistic.

Steering resistance

The steering resistance correlates with the force feedback and describes the noticeable resistance when steering. The steering resistance serves to convey the driving experience absolutely realistically.

You notice it by the fact that you have to apply different amounts of force when steering in different situations. For example, you have to use much more force to steer on rough surfaces than on smooth pavement.


Pedal selection is also something to consider when planning your racing set-up. Only with the right pedals to go with the steering wheel can you experience the ultimate driving experience.

Just like in real life, there are pedals with and without a clutch. If you prefer automatic cars, you don’t need clutch pedals. If you want to get the most out of the car, you shouldn’t miss out on clutch pedals.


When it comes to sourcing and materials, there are versatile differences in gaming steering wheels. The material of cheap and expensive products differs greatly.

Inexpensive steering wheels are usually made of cheap plastic. This quickly shows signs of wear and breaks easily. The more expensive steering wheels use high-quality plastic or real metal. The qualitative models are often fully rubberized.


The feel stands and falls with the choice of material. With inexpensive material, the steering wheel tends to be more haptically unpleasant. Since you often hold the steering wheel in your hands for a long time, you must not compromise on the material.

Cheap processing feels inferior and does not provide the necessary grip on the steering wheel. With more expensive models with high-quality material, the haptic feeling improves enormously. You’ll find a secure grip on high-quality rubber and won’t slip off even in sharp turns.


One of the most important points in a steering wheel is the workmanship. Expensive material that is insufficiently processed is just as useless as a device made of cheap materials. Since the workmanship is visually difficult to assess, it is useful to read tests on different models.

Mounting options for your Playstation steering wheel

The common steering wheel comes with a matching mount included. The right stability can be decisive for the driving fun with a Playstation steering wheel.

In the following I briefly present the possible mounting options.


They belong to the simplest type of fastening. These are inexpensive, but not recommended for high load and frequent use of the steering wheel.

Table clamps

While these are sturdy, they can easily fatigue over time and break if steering maneuvers are too forceful.

Screwing tight

Bolting on the steering wheel is the optimal method for mounting the steering wheel. Even with strong force feedback, the screwed steering wheel sits bombproof.

Recesses for the lap

Operating the steering wheel on the lap can be recommended at most for inexpensive models without force feedback. Force feedback in racing simulations is not only vibration, but steering forces are strongly simulated. In order to represent these vibrations realistically and to cushion them well, a solid mounting for the steering wheel is essential.

Smooth steering

Smooth steering helps you keep control of the vehicle and grab the best time on the track. To make steering smooth, there are some factors you should look for in the quality of the steering wheel.

High quality ball bearings

High quality ball bearing axle shafts made of metal or polyurethane improve the stability of a steering wheel enormously and are an integral part of every steering wheel. They ensure that steering wheels return correctly to the neutral position and can be steered smoothly.

The right grip on the PS4 steering wheel

A practical, non-slip steering wheel cover prevents sweaty hands and prevents slipping when steering. In addition to the increased safety, covers impress with a modern look that gives your steering wheel a new shine. Below I present the three most popular covers.

Leather steering wheel covers

Genuine leather is extremely high quality, highly abrasion resistant and also looks classy. A leather cover helps to make your steering wheel individually appealing. Genuine leather has many positive properties. It is more resilient and tear-resistant than artificial leather – and is therefore processed thinner. Genuine leather is comfortable to the hand and breathable.

Steering wheel covers made of imitation leather

If you want to avoid animal products for ethical reasons, but find the leather look appealing, faux leather is an adequate alternative. Faux leather items are financially affordable and convenient to maintain and clean.

Steering wheel covers made of fabric

Covers made of fabric enjoy great popularity. Steering wheels that have a fabric cover do not feel cold and plastic, but pleasant and soft. Especially in case of effective daily use for several hours, skins and fabrics are a good choice to reduce friction on the hand.

Pedals and gears

There are countless options to expand your gaming setup. For a more comfortable and immersive experience, it’s a good idea to add pedals and a gearshift to your steering wheel.

Beginners of racing simulations rely on the automatic gear shift. However, the realistic feeling only comes with manual gear shifting. In most cases, this is located on the steering wheel itself, but manual gearshifts are also offered individually. The right gear shifting ensures that the decisive hundredths to the track record can be extracted on the track. But the right pedals also make for better handling.

Pedal stability

When it comes to the stability of the pedals, the right material is crucial. Pedals made of plastic do not offer the desired stability. The pedals require high stability under heavy load. The workmanship of the pedals is elementary to avoid wear and tear or failure. The support surface must be sufficiently large and wide for the pedals to stand securely. To increase the stability of cheap models, you should get yourself a non-slip mat.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about pedals – so that you can get into the swing of things successfully.

Distance between the pedals

The distance between the pedals, especially the brake and accelerator pedals, must never be too close together. If the pedals do not have the necessary distance, it can easily happen that your own foot gets caught in the pedal.

Pressure force on the brake

It goes without saying that the accelerator and brake pedals must be easy to depress. It should be noted that the resistance of the accelerator pedal must be much less than that of the brake pedal. The sensitivity of the accelerator and brake pedals ensure individual handling, which is crucial in tight corners and when adjusting speed.

Cable length to console

As a rule, the length of the cable is two meters. If you need to bridge a longer distance, the cables are always expandable with USB cable adapters. With the right accessories, the optimal set-up can be planned perfectly. Expensive models also offer lag-free wireless transmission within a twelve-meter radius.

Design and optics of the PS4 steering wheel

The PS4 steering wheel offers countless designs from ordinary steering wheels to realistic F1 racing wheels. Manufacturers even offer licensed supercar steering wheels with the real look. Two examples are the Ferrari 458 or the Porsche 911, of which licensed gaming steering wheels exist.

In design and optics you have all the freedom to decide and a huge choice. Whether round sports steering wheels, DTM steering wheels or licensed futuristic Formula 1 steering wheels, the selection in the gaming sector is in no way inferior to reality.


The weight of gaming wheels varies depending on the model and material. The weight starts at less than one kilo and reaches up to more than ten kilos for qualitative variants made of metal and real leather. As a rule, the weight of a gaming steering wheel is between three and ten kilograms.

Known PS4 steering wheel manufacturers and their advantages


thrustmaster steering wheel

Thrustmaster is a real heavyweight as a manufacturer of racing accessories. The manufacturer offers gaming enthusiasts high-quality gamepads, joysticks, racing wheels and headsets.

In the racing sector, Thrustmaster makes gaming dreams come true. The company is the developer of one of the most innovative force feedback motors, which was installed in the T500RS model. Thrustmaster makes it a point to develop products and accessories that benefit from prestigious licenses.

Gaming steering wheels from Thrustmaster are multiple test winners with a wide range of products. The most common steering wheels are the models officially licensed by Ferrari. These are predominantly in the higher price segment.


subsonic steering wheel

The manufacturer Subsonic offers controllers, steering wheels, headsets and gaming accessories. Subsonic’s great strength lies in its affordable prices. The manufacturer offers beginners a solid alternative to expensive models.

The products are mainly suitable for absolute beginners in racing and have few innovative features.


speedlink steering wheel

Speedlink is a renowned manufacturer for accessories and hardware with a good price-performance ratio. The configuration of Speedlink products is usually simple and straightforward.

The model that made Speedlink interesting for the racing market is the cheap but qualitative “DRIFT O.Z. Racing Wheel”, which was rated as good in many tests.

Speedlink products are mainly aimed at hobby gamers, for whom easy configuration and usability are more important than a multitude of features.


Logitech is a household name to many, they are the market leader in headsets, keyboards and mice. Logitech offers a wide range of accessories, including gaming steering wheels.

The flagship models here are the G29 or G27 Driving Force from Logitech. The manufacturer produces in the mid-price segment and has products on the market for both beginners and experienced gamers.

Characteristic for Logitech is above all the qualitative processing of their products. These are suitable for experienced gamers who want price-conscious and high-quality gaming hardware.


Fanatec is aimed at the professionals in the field of racing. The company’s goal is to develop the best input device in all product areas. Fanatec specializes in gaming performance and offers controllers, steering wheels, pedals, cockpits, accessories and complete packages. Fanatec produces in the high price segment and knows how to justify this through the convincing quality and design of their products.

For professional racers Fanatec has everything to offer to upgrade his set-up piece by piece. At the manufacturer you will find everything from individual components to licensed products from McLaren or Porsche. This manufacturer is definitely the right choice for professionals and money well spent.

The 5 best Playstation 4 games for your gaming wheel

For a gaming steering wheel you need of course also suitable games. I present you the 5 best games for the PS4 in the following.

1. the all-rounder - Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo has been a real heavyweight in racing sims since 1997. The latest installment in the game series called Gran Turismo Sport is one of the most comprehensive racing games ever created.

The seemingly endless list of available cars and tracks grows update by update. Especially with a PS4 Pro and a 4K HDR-capable TV, the game delivers some of the best graphics on the market.

GT Sport takes you through a traditional driving school that is part simple, part challenging. These tests prepare you for a virtual career as a racing driver and teach beginners concepts such as “understeer” or “trailbraking”.

2. offroad giant - Dirt Rally 2.0

Dirt Rally 2.0 has its roots in the Colin McRae Rally racing game series and is aimed at fans of hardcore simulations. The title has a high degree of difficulty and develops an enormous addictive potential.

The speed on dusty surfaces and the danger of real rallies is perfectly captured in Dirt Rally 2.0. The controls are outstanding, and especially the force feedback steering wheel gives you a comprehensible feel for rally cars and tracks.

Dirt Rally 2.0 offers breathtakingly authentic gameplay, where each vehicle has its own feel. It offers numerous tuning options and licensed World Rally Cross Championships. Graphically, the game scores with atmospheric locations and wonderful lighting effects.

3. the top class in racing - F1 2019

F1 2019 marks Codemasters’ tenth anniversary of the series. In the Motorsport package you start your great and enormously motivating career as a Formula One driver.

F1 2019 offers a successful driving physics between driving fun and simulative demand. The official F1 license contains all tracks, teams and drivers of the current season.

Compete offline and online with other drivers and fight for the world championship. The driving feel and the convincing physics transfer especially to a racing steering wheel and offer the perfect immersion into the top class of racing.

4. the No. 1 for car enthusiasts - Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 is an impressive racing game with a great selection of cars. The range extends from old-school BMWs to classics like the famous Toyota GT.

The game offers a variety of tracks and engaging single player and multiplayer content.

Project Cars 2 offers convincing driving physics and impresses with an atmospheric design of the tracks and detailed cars. For fans of realistic racing cars this game is an absolute must-have.

Project Cars 2 Review

5. the front-runner in driving behaviour - Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa delivers incredible handling in every car and makes you feel like you’re driving a real car. The detailed physics make the car difficult to control on bumps. Every turn seems to change lap after lap.

This is not a game for casual drivers. For anyone who wants the feeling of taming some of the fastest cars in the world, Assetto Corsa is a must. When it comes to handling and driving fun, Assetto Corsa is definitely hard to beat.

Buy PS4 steering wheel with or without seat?

Buying a steering wheel with a seat is a matter of budget and necessary comfort. For beginners I recommend the PS4 steering wheel without seat. All you need is a non-slip surface and a little space.

For real racers with the wherewithal, it has to be a PS4 steering wheel with a seat. This is the most professional solution. Keep in mind, though, that the seat takes up a lot of clearance.

Dependence on the budget

Which racing set-up you start with depends on the budget you have available for your favourite hobby. The advantage of racing accessories is that you can upgrade the perfect setup – piece by piece. For those who can’t afford the most expensive Playseat and all the extras right away, there’s a first-rate compromise.

The compromise: newcomers start with a steering wheel without a seat!

To get a feel for racing, start with a strong steering wheel without a seat. You’ll love how immersive racing games are with force feedback and the benefits of a PS4 steering wheel. In the future, you can gradually deepen your racing immersion and upgrade your set-up with accessories.

Conclusion: Gaming steering wheels are a must-have for racing game fans

A PS4 steering wheel definitely takes driving fun to the next level. Beginners, advanced and professional gamers will find the best products for their needs in virtual racing. Innovations in racing game design and technology are bringing the thrill of car racing from the track to your living room.

After our guide, it’s time to get behind the wheel of your virtual car and hunt for trophies and record times!