The success of the Sims series!

Giving the player the opportunity to escape from a dull everyday life is the main goal of most computer games. And the temptation is great.

Whether together with other fantasy creatures, in a first-person shooter game or in role-playing games. Almost always, the player can expect experiences that differ greatly from his own life. This is especially evident in fantasy role-playing games.

All the more surprising was the success with which The Sims took off as early as 2000. And the success has continued to this day. 175 million copies of the game series “The Sims” have been sold. This makes it one of the best-selling PC games in the world.

What is "the Sims" anyway?

The Sims is a computer game in which the player influences the lives of the game characters. Set up a household, set up the house, and tell family members what to do. The player decides about all this and more. Basically, it’s the image of our reality.

The household can be left, new members can join, old members can leave. This game is not about winning or losing. Instead, you direct the household and its members, care for them, and make decisions for them. Building houses, making friends, earning money. In the things of daily life, the figures are directed by the hand of the player.

How big do you want the family to be? What do the family members look like? What are their hobbies and idiosyncrasies? This is not left to chance either. It is especially important that the Sims are happy. This is because happy Sims give the player more options that can affect the game.

What makes The Sims so popular?

The Sims has held its own among the most popular games since 2000. Since few games can boast such success, it begs the question of what makes them so popular. A particular appeal of the game is that multiple Sims can be interacted with.

The Sim does not make decisions, but relies on the player’s hand. So the player can bring two Sims together, have them marry, have children and raise them. This allows the player to influence things that in reality are beyond their control. This makes the game particularly interesting. And that’s despite the fact that it doesn’t take the player into a completely different world.

Another success factor is that furniture, clothing and houses can be created yourself or offered by other players via the Sims Exchange. This personalizes the Sims’ homes as well as the Sims themselves. Particularly beautiful models can also be purchased via external resources. In this way, the game can be designed according to the wishes of the player.

This aspect is further enhanced by the various Extensions underlined. So there are numerous addons that complement the game and boredom is forever a thing of the past. If you’re interested, this is a good place to start. Sims Complete Package on.

What distinguishes the games in the Sims series?

In Sims 1, there are three ages: Baby, Child, and Adult. At the same time, both children and adults do not continue to age. This was already changed with the Sims 2. Although the baby becomes a child later in the game, it never becomes an adult. Because in the first Sims game, there are only three ages: Baby, Child, or Adult.

That was already changed with the Sims 2. Here you can follow the life of the Sims from birth to death. In The Sims 3, even more ages were introduced. Here we distinguish between baby, toddler, child, adolescent, young adult, adult and senior. Thus the game adapts more and more to reality.

In Sims 2, players also have a variety of neighborhoods to choose from. These are characterized by different sizes and game content in each case. The game has also been expanded with new characters, clothing, houses and furniture. In addition to Sims 2, several expansion packs are available. In these, the lives of the game characters continue to adapt to reality.

Until 2004, The Sims was only available for Windows and Macintosh PCs. This already changed in 2004. Meanwhile, most of the game versions and expansions are available on Playstation. The game versions for the console are level-based and have to be unlocked first. Even for the smartphone, the Sims are now available, so that the player also has the opportunity to look at his Sims on the go.

Who plays The Sims?

The target audience of the Sims developers are both women and teenagers. At the same time, the manufacturers agree that it was and still is many female players who have made The Sims the most successful computer game.

The Sims is a cult game and with each new generation, the female target group is courted again. The reason for this is that until The Sims came along, most computer games were aimed mainly at young men.

According to the manufacturer, 60 percent of Sims players are currently female. Germany, by the way, is the second most important market for the games manufacturer after the USA.

What is the concept behind the Sims?

The theory behind the game is based on Abraham Maslow’s need theory. In business administration, this theory represents an important foundation. Just as we can’t imagine our own lives without it, we can’t imagine the game The Sims without it either.

The first priority is to satisfy existential needs such as food and a roof over one’s head. In second place come security and social needs. The final part is formed by the individual needs, which are manifested in one’s own self-realization.

Criticism of the Sims

As with any game, critics are speaking out about The Sims. In particular, the classic distribution of roles in the game is criticized. That is, the man goes to work while the woman takes care of the household. The classic distribution of roles also refers to the choice of professions of the game characters. Furthermore, it is criticized that the individual scenarios of the game repeat themselves at some point. This is especially true with permanent players.

This criticism has been countered by the manufacturer EA in the meantime. In addition to Sims 1 through Sims 4, player extensions were introduced. Through these it is possible, for example, to let the Sims travel, have parties, let them go downtown to shops or the park, or keep pets. In the latest expansions it is also possible to meet famous personalities, make a career in the film business or send the Sims to a city of magic.