With these tips shines
your mouse like new again!

When cleaning the keyboard, it is recommended to clean the mouse and the mouse pad at the same time. Otherwise, the mouse no longer reacts precisely during fast movements , because the sensor gets dirty over time. This can be your undoing, especially in computer games . But even in desktop mode you will get problems.

In addition, bacteria, sweat and other disgusting deposits gradually collect on the keys. Accordingly, diseases can be diseases as a result. Furthermore, working or gaming with a dirty mouse is no fun anymore.

If you are now asking yourself the question, how can I best remove the grease and sticky dirt from my mouse and what do I have to pay attention to, you are exactly right on this page!

Cleaning the mouse - this is how it works!

Below I have described a variety of cleaning methods. Accordingly, there is also a suitable manual for your model:

If your mouse brand isn’t listed, it’s not a problem because the cleaning procedures don’t depend on the brand, but on the materials used. So it doesn’t even matter if you have a gaming mouse.

Step 1: Disconnect the mouse from the power source

Before you start cleaning, you need to disconnect the mouse from the PC or laptop, just like cleaning your monitor. For wireless mice, you should remove the battery or rechargeable battery.

Step 2: Clean the surface

1. variant: rinsing agent and warm water

To do this, simply take a damp microfiber cloth and a bit of dishwashing liquid and wipe the dirty surface. You may clean the laser or sensor just as carefully. Especially the rubbery coating onthe side of my Razer model. could be cleaned very well with a water-rinsing agent mixture. If you want to have it especially hygienic, you can also use the mouse with Disinfectant rub.

2nd variant: Isopropanol or spirit

Alternatively, you can carefully dab your mouse with a cotton swab or cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol. After a few minutes the alcohol evaporates and your mouse is ready for use again. You have to be careful with aggressive cleaning agents like isopropanol or methylated spirits, because the paint can come off the surface of cheaper models.

3. variant: wipe surface dry with a cloth

Before you use a liquid detergent, you should first check whether your mouse can tolerate the moisture. Because some models have a special layer that sticks when in contact with liquids. Accordingly, the dust then adheres all the more firmly to the surface. Consequently, you should only wipe these models with a dry microfiber cloth. An example of this would be the Razer Lachesis product.

I would start with a gentle method when cleaning. If the dirt still does not come off, I would use a stronger cleaning agent. To avoid damage, it is recommended that you try the cleaner on a small area first.

Step 3: Clean scroll wheel & hard to reach places

Toothpicks are a good choice for those hard-to-reach places under the buttons and knobs . With this you can easily loosen the dirt from the cracks. If necessary, you can also blow out the dust with compressed air.

The mouse wheel or scroll wheel is best cleaned with a roller cleaner . You can of course use other cleaning agents, such as glass cleaner, but then there is the risk that the mouse wheel can no longer be turned without error.

However, you should not disassemble the computer mouse into individual parts. On the one hand, this is not necessary, since only very little dust gets into the case anyway, and on the other hand, something can quickly get broken. Inside the housing you have to remove at most once leaked battery acid.

Tools that are useful for cleaning


  1. Disconnect the mouse from the computer
  2. Remove dirt from the surface and sensor with a damp cloth.
  3. Clean gaps (edges, buttons and mouse wheel) with toothpicks and cotton swabs
  4. Let mouse dry
  5. Reconnect the device to the computer